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Your Grandfather OW




I don’t remember all my lives. In those that I remember, everything is repeated. . .        almost everything.



I fell in love with her, your Grandmother, with my eyes.

She couldn’t be my beloved. And I couldn’t be.

I am a slave to work with metals. She is a slave for 



She’s three cycles old. It’s like nine years on Earth.

I’m seventeen. I’m from Earth.


I was twelve when they picked me up.




I’m dead now.

I was destroyed because I wanted to kill one of the overseers.

I stabbed him with a knife I made myself. . .        to kill him.


He is very big. And he fucked her.



I hit him with a knife. . .           I wanted to hit in the eye to but I didn’t get it. . .

Cut his face. . .      he didn’t die.



It’s a pity I couldn’t have killed him then.

He rules here, too. In the place where I am now. 


This is a place where already dead girls are fucked. 

Those who fuck are not dead, but not quite alive. These are such thoughts. . .         like the thoughts. . .      but they can do everything with the living by destroying the dead, which should help the living connected to these dead. . .           You called them souls. But these are not souls. 

Souls are small bodies that are given to us in order to be born alive. And I’m talking about those who should have lived in your mind. So that you think correctly. 


That’s why they are destroyed. So you don’t know how to think correctly.


That’s all.        Your grandfather OW.






I also wanted to tell you how I first saw that girl who is like a Grandmother to you now.


She’s small and blonde. She’s not from Earth.

She was born on this other planet. . .         where I was lifted up to.


She served for the pleasure of the guards. For them to fuck her.

She was seven years old at the time. . .       when I saw how they fucked her.


I wanted to kill them all. . .        who fucked her.



And I start thinking about how to make weapons.

To make a knife, I myself began to do everything for those who were engaged in making things from metals.

I learned to do everything they did.

I watched them do it and then did it myself.

At first, they liked me doing the hard work for them.

Then they started chasing me when I could see what to put in the furnace to get the right alloy.


I figured it myself, and I did things as well as they did.

Then they got even better.

Then the guard ordered me to make the strongest steel. For weapons. . .   for short swords that are hidden under clothing.

I did it. . .       to make a weapon for myself, not like for them, so I could. . .        I can’t hide it anywhere – the slaves go naked. . .      and so I could hold it in my hand – they’re huge. . . These. . .          and the weapons for them.


And it was necessary to finish the work in time when that overseer would be near. . .   and kill him right away. . .     with my weapon. . .     there’s no other way. . .     .       The guards are watching so that no one else has anything that can be a weapon.


My knife was still hot when he came to pick up the work.

He bent down to take the knife from my hands. . .

It was the best of my life. . .          I stabbed him with a hot knife, aiming for his eye. . .

He didn’t have time to jump away, but I didn’t hit him in the eye either. . .       just cut cheek and mouth.


It was the best day. . .          could have been the best. .

I didn’t have time to hit him again.



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