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Without Life



Do you want to know what life is? As we understand it.


I want to say it myself, and you don’t say a word. . .

Life is when you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. . .       and then. . .         and even further. .



When you know that you only want one thing – to destroy this tomorrow. . .        and what will be then. . .        and even further.     This is not death – you can move, do what others do,   . . . you can’t not do it. . .            and it doesn’t matter what happens after.

It is not up to you whether you will be raised tomorrow for your work, or whether you will stay almost dead, when there is no desire except for one thing – that tomorrow will not come.



I do work on a ship. . .      a ship for destroying earthlings.

They’re alive. . .         but I’m not.

They think about tomorrow. . .      their thoughts build it. . .         this day.

I make them dead. . .         these future days. . .            it means they will fear the coming of tomorrow. . .            and then. . .


The ship I’m driving is designed to destroy the future life of these earthlings, to make them and their unborn children dead in this future.


Why are we doing this? I don’t know. . .      this is the Law – to do your job. . .          then your future will stop and your tomorrow will never come. . .           and you will become nothing. . .

We want to become nothing. . .            not to exist. . .              not to remember, not to think about what happened.

It’s not even dark matter. . .        it’s smaller. . .              it’s a stopped thought. . .      the thought of a dead Universe.



They said that I have another part that still wants to live. . .         let it be not by itself. . .       let it be through the children that are born to earth women. . .              in spite of those who will raise me tomorrow to continue my work. . .                 the work of a Death pilot.


I don’t really believe in it. . .          that I have such a part. . .                  but you keep having children. . .             you’re earthlings. . .



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