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When You Grow Up. . .




They killed my father. . .           they killed everyone who didn’t kneel when they got off the Suppression Ship.

They took children under three years old. . .     infants too. . .       to replace their organs with new ones.




I was conceived by one of them. . .          the last time when for creation they took young girls and children.

They did not take my mother then, but left her to bear the child. . .             me.



I can see it now, but then I only remembered my mother calling to me               and my father – he lifts me in his arms high above the head and I laugh with him. . .

I didn’t know then that I wasn’t conceived by him, and he was the best. . .          father.

Now, from another time, I see how he cried when his beloved was raped in front of him, and he



They liked to do this – enter the house, paralyze anyone who could resist and fuck young women and children in front of those who could not move, even can not scream – only some mooing will break out from inside and that’s it. . .



He loved my mother very much and tried to bring her something delicious every day to make me grow better in her belly.

He always said to her: ”  when my daughter grow up. . .”



I can see his real thoughts now – he knew that they would not let me grow up – they would take me away, but he hid them from my mother. . .

She also understood, but smiled at him – as if she also believed that “when I grow up. . .” .  .



He knew that These would return and was preparing a weapon. . .      a short spear with a stone blade.    He knew he couldn’t kill Them, but he wanted to die protecting my mother and me. . .        not on his knees like the others.



He didn’t even have time to raise his spear before the stunner beam hit him. He tried to crawl towards them – one more beam and he is no longer a human, his brain is burned out from the inside. . .

This weapon is designed to burn the body from the inside out. What is alive burns, but what is not alive does.



From here, you can clearly see what was long ago. . .        what I didn’t remember in this life.

How I was transported to the ship. . .        how part of my brain was removed. . .           how I became a Star.



There’s a memory gap here.

I remember a little myself. . .         I’m a little. And then I’m Commander-in-Chief right away.



This is the meaning of creation – to make the new body contain the knowledge of those who served the Law better. . .               several at once. . .          and the knowledge of those who served before them. . .       and before them. . .                    and before them. . .


What their bodies remembered is also be included in the new body and it becomes not exactly old, but already a stranger and does not want anything. There is no joy that filled the whole child’s body.

All that remains is fatigue and thoughts that come from nowhere. . .        thoughts that you’ve never seen or known.

Now you know. . .            you’re sure it was the right thing to do. . .           but without thinking about is it so. . .

Everything has long been clear. . .             just follow the Law. . .

The Law is always right and that’s what you have to live for. . .              and die.



Also. . .           you become indifferent to the life of the one whose body was taken for creation. . .          the life of that little girl, what she remembered, those whom she loved. 





The Star doesn’t have female things. These organs and body parts are not necessary for my service.

I serve the Law.

I’m the best of the Stars.


The best becomes Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet. On guard of the Law, so that the Order of the Law stays unshakable.

I am the highest in the Hierarchy. Except for the Law, of course. Well, and also for These. . .                   I don’t know who they are or why the Law allows them not just take out earthlings to replace what’s over its cycle in my world, but also to satisfy their ridiculous desires – to be Rulers on Earth, to create their own small kingdoms, to have children from earthlings. . .



I try not to think about it. . .

And only when I’m all alone. . .            as if through a fog I see some woman and man – earthlings.


She calls and a little girl runs to meet them. . .                 he holds her high above his head and laughs. . .                  And for some reason, the woman furtively wipes her cheek with her hand.




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