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The Two Songs



You say that you have people who sing songs and get paid for it.

And all they do is sing.

And that the melody is made up for them by completely different people. And the words by  different too. . .

And that those who sing these other people’s words just repeat someone else’s melody and


But then why do you listen to them?

After all, this means they lie. . .             ,and you listen to. . .



We don’t write songs. Words appear by themselves. They come from above.

From those who lived before.

And we sing. . .         and those who lived before hear what we think. Songs are sung for this purpose to hear the answer.


The answer may come from other Cycles, but it is always clear. . .             because the song changes itself.




The Tradition says that they used to sing for joy. . .           And those who are above. . .   people of our Kind rejoiced with us.


Then       when These came the joy went away          and we sang when we wanted the souls of The Gender to help.

They heard. . .          I think so. . .                but. . .


So we didn’t sing any more.




There is also a special song.

They sing it when they decide to die. When there’s nothing left to live for.


This song has no end. . .           we sing it until we die.

It is the last song.

And it is the first for us as well.




She went after worms. When she got back.







She picked up what was left of her daughter…      A bloody mess of mud and shit.

They shat on her torn body.


Blonde hair. . .              here is what was her head. . .                  she clutched it to her chest and howled.




They’re hiding in their house. . .

Death the Queen sat at the entrance with the remains of her daughter in her arms, rocking her and singing her a lullaby.



When they realized that she had gone mad, they thought that now they could not be afraid of her – Death.  The Queen.

They started throwing stones at her. From a distance at first.

Then they grew bolder and came closer.


She sat on the ground with the remains of her daughter. . .            singing and cradling them. . .

The lyrics were the same. . .        everyone knew them. . .           and they meant something else now.


She sang about little animals which are loved by their mothers. . .                that when they fall asleep their mothers will guard them. . .              will be with them. . .           by their side. . .     always. . . . . . . . . . . .




A large rock hit her head and she fell. She didn’t sing anymore.

Her body became the same shitty mess mixed with her daughter.


No one sings this song anymore.

Afraid to.





She was five years old, for you. . .


It was her first song. She sang and wanted to die. . .         because there was no answer. 

It means These killed her father. It means he’s not coming back. It means she was left alone. It means there will be no one to protect her. It means her end will come soon. It means now there’s no need to live. It means


This is from another Cycle.

She was the Death in all Cycles.

The Queen.



I can sing the words of this song.

They don’t need to be translated:

“Tata, Tata. . .

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