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The Spoilage




It was the day before the spoilage appeared.


I was little and I don’t remember exactly how it started.

It’s just that my father and I went out to get worms that day, and my mother was at home cooking for us. . .        well, what we would eat in the morning, the next day.



When my father and I came back it was evening and we thought that my mother was just tired and couldn’t come out and meet us.


She got tired quickly. . .          because she was pregnant. . .     one month left before the birth.


When we got to the house, we immediately realized that something very bad had happened. 

I don’t know how to explain it to you, but you can hear it right away, when bad hang over the house. And you can see it.      It’s grey. . .         like a haze. . .           swaying and whistling. . .  quietly, but disgusting and painful to the ears.


We ran into the house. . .             my mother wasn’t there. . .

Food lay on the ground near the hearth. . .             all my                  that my father did are gone.

Well, these are things for protection from spirits. . .               my father knew how to do such things            he was a sorcerer. . .               And he made metal weapons of various kinds. . .    and this is always done with sorcery. . .        so that weapons could kill only bad people. . .    .


We ran the trail. . .            my father saw it in a vision. . .          he could do that. . .  in reality see what is invisible with his eyes.


The trail went up to the black rocks – we never go there – the snakes are very big there. 

They hide behind the rocks and jump from above. . .         you don’t have time to do anything as it will wrap you around and press until you suffocate,       and then it will swallow you. . . alive.




My father told me to stay, and he ran behind the rocks. . .         where the trail led. . .


I was waiting. . .       and then I heard his thought:  ”            run home. That’s it.”





I ran                        I didn’t go to the house. . .            The spoilage became even darker and whistled even louder.


I was sitting on a rock until the morning.            Then I left.            To the field. . .     where we were always looking for worms.


I didn’t know what to do next. . .                I walked around the field and wanted to hear my father’s thoughts. . . 

I didn’t.


Just a whistling of spoilage. . .           and that’s it.





And then the day came that I won’t tell you.






When you don’t want to remember something, it’s even worse.

So I couldn’t tell you. . .           because I can’t think about what was good anymore. . .     because you remember only the bad, and the good as if it never happened.


That’s it.









My mother called me Glow.

And my father. . .

Father                    he just saw that radiance                      and I ran to him. . .

he seemed to be shining, too.



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