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The River of Life and Death




I want to tell about the River of Life            You asked for it yourself


This is not a river of any kind, just those whom I take to my World of Death are entered into my Record, as if I killed them        and I did not kill them        I stopped their torment when they were tortured      by These     .


There are a lot of them          more than any number you know           you earthlings do not have such numbers   .


No one can finish reading this Record – it is read from the end          so you will never know the beginning – life is not enough to do that         and who will read the Record of the killer, it is written there – the killer of ALL       .


You can’t read the Records        I just told you about myself       what I was like in the beginning     and you believed me         and that’s it          .


I don’t know      I don’t want to know     what earthlings to whom you write about us think, they probably think that you’re lying about everything        it is just you like to lie     and then say that it is


You don’t want to offend them and you think that’s how           they do it        in your world and when you lie so that they believe you, it’s called talent,           genius


You also sometimes watch fictional records     you even cry sometimes over them, these fictional ones

I watched       what they were thinking then           they were crying      because they didn’t find anyone in real life they could love as in those fictional records           they were crying for what was stolen from them


At first I thought that you            and you are not            just damaged       and that’s it     .


I want        I wanted to say                       I won’t


Cry   think of those who did not exist at all          only I think that no thoughts or tears for those who are, who were      you will not have             for your unborn children,   parents whose souls should have continued to live in you       .

You have traded them           for a world that will become real through you             just not as you thought then, but different in which you will not want to live.    The world of These   .



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