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The River of Life



Do you know how This One tricked us? Well, just as everyone is tricked – by substituting what words mean.         For you            for us


In our world, you get the meaning of words at the moment when consciousness seems to return after death.

You don’t have a body, but you have a mind that hears words and sometimes sees symbols.

What these words and symbols mean, no one explains to you – you can guess yourself.

If you don’t guess, you’ll be destroyed. If you did, so it will be. For you.

What this actually means is unknown. 


So the River of Life is such a symbol that we thought it was a river, and it’s just Lives,         destroyed lives. . .       These are Records of the Lives          of those killed and forgotten by everyone. 

You are also part of this River from the many Records of how your soul was dying. . .    part by part   and how it started to age your body          how everything became uninteresting to you      how your body started to die from more and more diseases         how one day you stopped breathing and the brain could not realized what happened           and could not             did not have time to make the most important Record – for your children. . .           because it hasn’t heard them for a long time. . .      not the words you said to each other, but the thoughts. . .       the most important ones for them and for you



Records are made from our souls, the O souls             so that there are no souls O that would not be destroyed by you – earthlings, because you did not accept us – your ancestors           so we rotted in your bodies.



These made it so that you do not hear, do not want to open the Passage, so that you think of yourself as the crown of Creation. So that you think you are better than those who lived before.



These could only kill at the level of thought          that is above the astral            so they replaced what the MOTHER and the FATHER were thinking with the worst of your thoughts – you know what. .



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