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The Ray.




The Ray is like the last cry when you are destroying.  .     The mental one. .             Of the last living brain cell. All the other cells put EVERYTHING into it.

It is the code. The living code of extermination of the one who did THIS.  .

Extermination of the semen of murderers.

As long as he lives, he will search.

When he find and destroy it, he dies himself.    But it doesn’t matter.  .   The main thing is that he found.  .

So he didn’t live for nothing.   Not for nothing.  .  .    .




This ray appeared as a boy.  . When they were destroying his mother O.

For us, this is a BIG O.  For him, it’s just Ma.



He flies and carries the parents’ code.  He remembers who they are.  . Where is left .  .              He hopes to find the body.  .   .  in which he will become so strong that he will find and destroy the ENTIRE Body of the One who Destroyed his Mother.      He will search Forever.  . Until he finds and destroys Him. 

So that this scum can never reproduce himself again, in any body.

This Is The Only Important Thing.  . in his life.      If this can be called life.


He carries the mother’s memory of what This One did to her.  .    The one he’s looking for.  . You don’t need to know that.





The Ray used to be larger.   They are looking for him for the 4th Big Cycle. The Circle of Time has not yet closed.     The main thing is to have time.   Otherwise, you’ll have to start All over again.

When he was found, the circle closed. His circle. He was destroyed until they could no longer see what was left of him.   There’s always something left.    You just can’t see it.


Now he is so small that he probably will fail even through a GRATER.

Do you know what a GRATER is?  So you don’t need to know.  .


O did IT.  Now she is carrying the child of Z, whom she loved. The one They destroyed.




 Have you heard the story about Z?        No?       Why?

Don’t you know the Tradition?

What do you know then?


This is the story that every mother tells her child.

The story of the Great and beautiful Z. So that the child becomes like Him.

She tells it mentally, .  .  .             in a whisper when the child is still inside her. Then it will be too late.  .    These will hear.  .        And exterminate.  .

No one should know or remember who Z is.   That’s the LAW.

But every mother repeats again and again the story of Z, who had his arm, eye, tongue,    . . . male.  . torn out.  .       They broke his leg so that he could still walk and everyone could see what happens for THIS.

And he’s still the most beautiful man.  .  .     .        Loved and desired.  .




And he is infinitely beloved for Ma.  .    So she repeated and repeated. . .     .       While she was being dragged and when she was being destroyed. . .    These.


The Ray carries the memory.     And the words: “DON’T GIVE UP.”

Ma screamed it. .



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