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The Northern Kingdom




I wanted to say about the Northern Kingdom. .

It was on all Earths          and on your present one, too.    .

It’s been a long time            for you          – you don’t know how to keep the memory of those who lived before your          you remember your parents,       and then              Further you are not interested       .


You want to know all about strangers, but not about yours                  even about grandmother and grandfather you don’t really want. . .   .       This One did so. .     The Ruler of the Northern Kingdom. .



He was a magician    .     A magician is someone who makes sacrifices for the underworld. 

He wanted no one to remember how he became a Priest and the Ruler of the kingdom. . .       .


The kingdom was not very big         and there were few people – he sacrificed them all and he kept doing it. . .           – so he was left alone,         and his wife – Old Wife.

She wasn’t an Old Wife back then. . .      she became her for us – for those she sacrificed. .



Then her daughter Crone started doing it. . .            then the Crone’s Daughter. . .      then the Granddaughter.



She wasn’t old back then   she was about twenty-five years, for you.



She sacrificed girls who were fucked by the Priest – then she was the wife of the previous Ruler.     Together with the Priest, she poisoned him. . .         and the Priest became the new Ruler


He was the one who made it up – he will destroy the boys, and she will destroy the girls        so that by their souls create the Passage through the shell. . .                        It is so            such        in general, you do not need       .


He wanted to pass through this Passage to the world of the gods        to become a god himself. . .         the supreme one.

The Supreme god is the one who can                                  you don’t need it either    .

I don’t even know what I can talk about. . .

It is impossible to say about everything that is important, and about what you ask I do not want to say.


You always ask, you don’t know whom –     ”    how to live forever. . .             how to heal something in your bodies that should die    . . .    ”           Well, and all that how to get something that you do not want to do yourself. . .          you want someone to do for you . . .  god. . .

You’re asking him for it.


I think you’re fools. . .        How can you get what is not done. . .          Is not done by you. . .

To take it away from someone else. . .        so that you take for yourself what he did. . .       as a gift. . .     of god.



I don’t even know what to call it. . .       you’re not really jerks. . .  – you do a lot of things with your own hands. . .       and suddenly ask others to take it away and give it to you. . .    .



Well I just. . .        I’m just mad at you. . .         I always get mad when people say stupid things.


When I’m angry, I don’t want to tell you anything – get out of it yourself. . .

I used to think that it might work. . .       now I don’t think for you anymore. . .


Everything I’ve said you’ve appropriated to yourself. . .     to your talent – that’s what you call it. 

There are no talents. . .     – either you do or you don’t. . .             Everything else is not yours. . .  is not made by you. . .

We just were hoping that you would understand about us someday. . .         what to do. . .       and you              You’re all about yourselves. . .               and you don’t want to think even about your children.




I would have killed you all long ago – you are spoilage.

Again I need to think the whole Universe . . .          so that the right one is born. . .    without you. . .      without                      without thoughts about how to get what others have done. . .     not you. . .          taking away from others. . .                         and their lives, too.




I wanted to talk about the Northern Kingdom, but it turned out to be about you again.          Well,      I’ll tell you more later             when I don’t think about you.

I’ll think about my daughter – Death again. . .      she was killed there . . .          by These.



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