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The New One




They said that the earthlings had no soul – they were just animals. .

And they can be killed. . .   .       When they don’t want to do the work anymore. . .    .


We didn’t know you got tired so quickly. .      We thought you just didn’t want to do anything to These. .  

So we thought. .     Earlier. .                Before that small slave. . .          .



He’s fifteen, and he’s still small. .    Not big, I wanted to say. .  It means silly. . 

He doesn’t know what will be done to him later. .        So he does the work not as it should 

be. . .    .     You need them to think you’re doing your best . . .     and he really was doing his best. . 

The complete fool. .     He will die quickly.


He wasn’t from O.  He is a slave. .      One of the new ones. . .     they were recently delivered. .


I didn’t feel sorry for him. . .     I just thought he was a fool. . .    .             That he won’t live long. . .    .         And that we should. . .     .



The food was thrown to him. . .    .     Not to him alone, of course. . .     .     To all who were there, to fight for it. . .

These always do this, they watch who takes the food from others and keep him. .

The rest are taken away for another. .       They will kill them later. .    They are weak. .


One of the O’s worked there, too. She didn’t get any food again when it was thrown. .

The big one from I took it away. . .       from everyone. .      It means he will live. .

These always make it so that they do not kill, but others. .     So little O will also die if she doesn’t fight for food. .         I know that. .    .


l ate almost all the food and could no longer, it did not fit. There were still two pieces left, but he put his hand on them so that no one would dare to even think about them. .


The new one stole one piece when l was distracted. .    I don’t know what he was hoping for – that l wouldn’t notice or something. . .    .         I think he’s just a fool – I can’t hear his 

thoughts. . .    .

 I hear the thoughts of others. .    But there is nothing from him. . .     So there are none at all. .  It’s not even clear how he lives without thoughts at all. .         An animal. .


I thought that now, when he shoved a piece into his mouth, the big one would turn around and see what was missing. .     I even clearly imagined how this piece would fall out of the new one’s mouth from a blow of I.     I thought it served the fool right. .       So that he wouldn’t. . .

He didn’t do what I thought he would. .       He didn’t do it at all. . .

He just gave this piece to little O and sat down not far from her.  He looked at I and waited for him to do something. .     .   I was looking at him too. . .     He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Then he got up and kicked the new guy in the face. .        Then more. . .    .


The guards didn’t interfere. .      It was meant to be. .  Everyone knew that. .      That’s how it always ended. .       Until this day. .     .



The new one was still lying in the mud until the guard hit him. . .    .   Not much – just to check if he’s still alive. .       He was able to get up and walk. . .

I thought he would do his job again. . .     .   Like everyone else. . .   .


I still didn’t understand how it happened – there were no thoughts. . .   He went up to I and said that he is the scum. . .    that his father on Earth had killed one of them. . .    and he’ll kill I when he’s asleep. .

Why did he say that – he didn’t mean it. .           I could hear his thoughts now. . .

They weren’t about that at all. . .    .

He had no father. . .    .      More precisely, he had never seen him and knew nothing about him. . .    .   He just thought that was what his father was like. . .     .

He was supposed to be like this.     Strong. . .        so that he could kill. . .    .



He shouldn’t have done that. . .    .   It would be better to really wait until I was asleep and then try to kill him. . .    .       Of course, it would hardly have been possible, but he shouldn’t say this. . .    .


He still had a lot to say. . .      about the guards, about all of These. . .    .

We get killed for one such thought, and he shouted us to kill These, . . .      that we should not serve them, . . .       that. . .


He was shouting all this, and for some reason I heard a completely different thought – about her, little O. .  


He knew what they would do to him for it. .  He also knew that his words would not change anything.  She will still be. .




First they pulled out his tongue to. . .    Or maybe not for that. . .      I could hear his thoughts now. . .



He didn’t live long after that.

Earthlings always die quickly if something is torn off from them.



We’re not like that. .

We live a long time. . .    more precisely, we can still be tortured for a long time, until almost nothing remains of the whole person, until Death comes.



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