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The Moon




He was brought from Earth. .        I liked him as soon as I saw him. . .


He also told me with the thought that I. . .                   that I am very beautiful. . .    .


That I must be a goddess. . .           That there are no such beautiful things. . .       That he would like. . .             that we could. . .               that he would. . .      .


Then he stopped and just looked at me.


Then the guards took me away. . .         He stayed.


He could run away. . .              probably. . .               until they put on the chain.



The Crone’s daughter wanted me to have a child with him. . .               So that she could take from him the parts of the body that she needed.

I didn’t want her to get our baby so she could do this to him. . .    .



The day we were locked up together, I brought a sharp nail. . .

I made the nail myself. . .          from a broken hook, . . .        which guards carry the bodies of the dead.

I found it a long time ago and prepared it for the Crone. . .            I wanted to kill her when she come for me. . .



He couldn’t understand me. . .        The earthlings can’t hear our thoughts.

He thought they brought him here so I could be his wife and have a baby. . .    .

He didn’t know what this child needs for. . .      .


I hit him with a nail in the groin, . . .          so that he can’t conceive.

Then I killed him and myself. . .       Not completely. . .          I didn’t have time to do it completely. .


The guards dragged him away. He was still alive a little bit and couldn’t understand why I did it, because he saw that I liked him very much. .


I was destroyed in front of him. . .               To make him despise me. . .

And he didn’t think so. . .          until he died.



I was tortured by the Crone’s daughter for a long time afterwards. . .               She took out all the organs and a half of the brain. Then I don’t remember. . .        .              Perhaps Death came and killed.


It was April 30, for you.

I am the Moon now.



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