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The Little Nose.




Little Nose is a boy. .   He is two cycles old.    In your opinion – a little over six.  He is little. . 

He climbs everywhere. .  Wants to watch. .

My mother and I whisper softly. .  mentally, that he mustn’t.

If they see him, they will destroy him.   They’re looking for people like him. .   Long ago. .           To destroy.    He. . .    .


Mom is dying of hunger. .      She doesn’t almost move.

I’m going to die soon, too.

I’m Starlet,      that’s what my mother said.


If they find. . .

A lot of them came down..




They found.

Little Nose thought aloud. He wanted to kill them. .    For my mother. .




She pick open the wound on her arm to let the blood flow again, to let him lick it. . . 

to live longer. .     He didn’t. .      He wanted to kill them,          and they heard.






We are the Stars. We are being destroyed in a special way, not like others.


Little Nose will be taken apart. The brain will be separated – they will search in it. .

He knows, remembers  ” . . . don’t give up”.   And that’s it. .

They won’t know what he learned from his mother. .  And he won’t do it. .


They want It. .

“. . .   He won’t. Never. . “

” Mom, can you hear me. . .   ?    and dad  . “

“I won’t give up. .”  .  .



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