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The Kitchen Boy



There are two of us. .       You don’t have such word.  There were more. .        Of them. . .   They. .




Girls and those who are already fucked we have never seen. They told they are higher. . .   on other levels.


We are left with only the right hand with three fingers to work in the kitchen. The thumb and little finger are cut off. .

The toes and left hand fingers are cut off earlier, when two Cycles are completed.


They also castrate us and cut out left eye. . .

Like to everyone else. . .      Boys.




Food, which is the brains of children, cooked on the floor above. . .    others. . .    from level 6.

And we make food for security guards and those who are fucked . . 

We divide children into parts. . .          They are still little and they die immediately.

We must divide them without killing. .

Those who feel sorry for the little ones and kill first     . .    .


Those who came before us were also pitied and killed first. . .         They taught us to do this, too. .


Then we were forced to cut them up, those. . .     who were sorry.



We also kill first. . .     before we start butchering. . .

The guard sees but does nothing. He will be destroyed for this. We know. . .       and he knows.

We know that we will be butchered, too, because we spoil the food if we kill first. .




      The overseer came. .      They found out quickly.



      We are not afraid of death. . .            Dying is easy.

      But when they butchering you alive. . .




A cooking boy means he cooks food. . .                  They don’t cook it here.          You don’t have that word.



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