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The Girl and the Big Ones



We don’t know where the Big Ones came from.

First the ships appeared in the sky. They were large. We knew there were people in them. The dead and the living ones. We’ve heard them thinking. They think we should die. Everyone. .  .

They think we’re animals. Almost like animals. .   .    That we are not human and should not live .  .  take up space. . .  , where they will live.    And other things. . .    .    That they would be destroyed later.  .    .

                                                                   . .

Then the ships entered the Sea and then flew out of it. 

The people in the ships were no longer alive.  .    .     Almost dead .  .  .

We could hear their fear. Their eyes met. With the Big KR.  .   .      .        Bigger than they could have imagined. He looked them straight in the eyes.  .   .      He was thinking to them.  He was thinking that . .


                                                                      . .


At that time, the ships gathered and hung in the sky for a long time. Then they flew away. Not all. One was never able to rise from the sea.


Then they fly in and fly away many more times. They flew in and out of the Sea.

They were no longer afraid of the Big KR.

Why?    Something has changed.  .  .   .     Everything has changed.


That’s what my mother told me when she was alive. And then. . . .        Quietly, at nights.

The dead talk, too. When the thoughts of others do not interfere. At night. .  .


                                                                      . .


My mom and dad are from the O. Both of them. . .    .       So I am the O, too.  Just a little girl.

Others are not O. They have wives of the O genus. But they don’t give birth to the O children.

So they are different.   Not the O.  .   .   .        I don’t know how else to tell you. Not the O and that’s it.  .   .   .


My dad is handsome and strong. Others don’t like him. Although he didn’t kill any of them. And they killed the men of the O Genus.  They took the O girls and women to be their wives. They have many wives. The boys were also taken away.  .      To serve them. And for something else .   .   .   .

So there were no O men left at all . . .    .    Except from the dad .  .


And my mom also said that they had children before me. A boy and a girl.

And another boy, .  .     before me. That’s not entirely true. The second boy, my little brother, was born with me. The O always give birth in twos.  A boy and a girl.  .


He was taken away .  .  .     By the Big Ones.     The last O boy.  .

I wasn’t told that. I knew it myself. I heard my mother’s thoughts.   At night.  .  .  .


                                                                      . .


The Big Ones stopped taking the boys. Those who are already almost men. Now they only take girls.  .    Adult girls who are able to give birth.  .  .  .

And there are no little ones left.  I’m the youngest.


                                                                      . .


Others have become completely wicked.  From hunger. I heard their terrible thoughts about children.

About the somebody else’s. Then about their own.  .  .   .          Then there were no children at all. The youngest ones first. Then older.  .  .   .

Then their wives began to die themselves.  .  The ones that didn’t eat children.  .

You can’t eat the meat of the dead. They were cut into pieces and thrown to the fish. The fish ate and floated up.  

They just took them out of the water and that’s it. .  .    .


                                                                      . .


Others think of me every night.  .  – why don’t the Big Ones pick me up? Why does my father live so long? Why the mother.  .  .   .


                                                                      . .


The worms are almost completely disappiared. After the Rains, they always come out of the ground. And then no one could catch them. My father searched and searched and almost never came home. He died that spring.  From hunger.  .  .     He gave everything he could catch to me and my mother. He told my mother that he had already eaten the worm, that he had brought the second one to my mother and me. In front of me, my mother pretended to believe his words. 

She said that the one he brought we would eat later, but in the meantime we wanted to be close to him. We sat in silence for a long time, clinging to his withered body. I fell asleep snuggled up to them. And when I woke up, my father was no longer there – he had gone catching again. My mother would smile and give me half a worm.  A bigger one.  .      She said she’d already eaten half of it herself. Then, every other day, she gave me the other half. She said it was left over from my father, that he came at night when I was asleep. And she was smiling so that I wouldn’t notice that it wasn’t true.  .  .   .

We are the O.     The O don’t eat children. So I’m still alive.

My mother buried my father in a hole in the hills.       So that they do not find and dig up to feed the fish.  .  .  .

She died soon after my father did. Also . . .     from hunger.


I’m strong. I am 2 circles old. It is more than 6 years for you.  .  .   .

I wanted to hide my mother’s body in the hills, in some hole.  . I didn’t have time.


Others heard her thought as she was dying. About me.  .     about dad.

They came before nightfall. I hid when they came to our house. For me.  .    They didn’t find me. They took my mother’s body. They thought they’d catch me later. And now they will go fishing for my mother’s meat, .  .  .     while there are no Big Ones. .  They flew off somewhere.


                                                                      . .


                                                                      . .


I can’t hide any longer. .    I’ll be quite weak. .    I can’t catch a fish.

So I went fishing at night.  .  .     just like that.  .   .     without bait. 

I know I can put a fish to sleep with a look.  .  .   .   My mother told me.  .    If I look into its eyes.

My mother had never allowed me to go near the shore before. A big KR can grab you out of the water if you’re standing next to it. They are terrible these KR.



                                                                      . .



I was standing by the water for a long time. I’m afraid to get in. Then I got in. First, where it’s shallow. Then I went on. Shallow. I have to go far, to the rocks.     The fish is there, behind the stones, where it is deeper.    Anyway.  .      I am starving. I can’t see KR.  .  .    . He is probably in the depths.  .  .

I was standing on a stone.    I waited a long time for the fish to swim by.

I was thinking about my mother.   About dad.  .   .

He was kind.  .  .   and old.  .  .        The last of the O men.


So I stood there, looking into the water, thinking and thinking,  .  .  .    as if in a dream.  .  .    .

I thought the terrible KR was far away. He sees me, but he won’t come near me.

Looks at me.  .  .     thinks to me to leave.      Why does he think so?

I think him I want to catch a fish.

And he kept saying, “RUN, RUN, RUN.  .  .”.

I thought he was driving me away because I was small and didn’t have enough meat in me. Here to grow up.  .     then.  .  .    .

I stayed.  .  .      I saw that the Big Ones’ ships were returning.

They take you if you don’t hide.  .  .      Where am I going to hide.  .   there is water all around.

Maybe they won’t notice.  . I just crouched down to the water.  .

All flew by,  .  .    probably.

                                                                      . .



                                                                      . .

The big ones grabbed me from behind. Didn’t hear how they swam. 

When they are under water, the thoughts are not heard.  Lors, Big Ones.  Nasty ones.  .

There are webs between the fingers.  .  .   and no nose.


This one, which is bigger, raped me first. Then the second.  .  .     Then again.  .  – the first.  .  . Then again.  .  .     Then they hit me on the head with a rock and went into the water.  .


I don’t remember any further.  .


I woke up – I was lying in the water.  .    shallow.  . I didn’t drown.  .       There was no KR. At first.  .

Then I saw him. Far away.    Watching.  .

                                                                      . .


                                                                      . .

When a girl is raped, she kills the fetus.  Thinks that the child should’ not born.

And he dies without being born.  .  .   .


I also thought that I would kill. 

And KR thought, asked me: “Don’t kill him.  .  .     It’s from the Big Ones. But there won’t be another one. Never. This is the LAST child.   And he won’t be born.  .   He won’t have time.  .”.



I didn’t kill him.  I was thinking about the Big Ones.  . The ones who rape and take girls. . 

.  .  .    About my brother. About my parents.

I thought I wanted to exterminate them all.  .  .   .

So that they can never get out of the water again. So that the water becomes Death for them.

So that they have nothing to eat. So that all the fish will die. Everyone will die. .  .

The others that want to catch me, the Big Ones that take the children.

For everyone to die.



I wanted to die too. Together with the child.

I didn’t die.  .




The worms appeared and went deep into the earth again. No one caught them.  .



I’m the last girl pregnant with the last child killed them.



                                                                      . .



                                                                      . .



                                                                      . . 

Do you have KR?

Well, kraken – is that what you call them?

What do they think to you?

Why do you think that octopuses don’t think?

They don’t think to you.  .  .  .

And who does think to you?

No one?

Do you think yourself? Alone? .  .  .




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