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The Fluffy





The Big Eye stares at me. .             I realize what it means. . .    .

So it was before. . .          An Eye that looked appeared in the Sky. . .     .

Then These came. .


How do I know all this?

I must be hearing someone’s thoughts.                                                                                .



It’s somewhere very far away…

He stands next to the Eye…    He doesn’t stand there long…  .

For some reason, I think he’s like a son to me… .

I don’t know where he is. . .   , but I can hear him,   I hear what he’s thinking…   .


It’s probably stupid to think of him as a son…    They’re all made, not born. 

And I still think so.. Probably because he has a piece of my son’s soul in him. . . They took him away, you know. . .    the Spiders…    These…  .



He wants to kill the Spider…      When he arrives again..

The Spider arrives once in a Cycle. .      He brings new eyes for the Big Eye…

He replaces the killed ones…     The Death kills the damaged.





Big Eye looks into the Sky. . . It is looking for where there are living ones..

There are no living ones anywhere…    It can’t hear them…  .  They were all killed..




The Big Eye is a huge bowl lined with small eyes.

The Spiders specifically made it to find life…      In the distant Sky… .

No, not in Your Galaxy. . . . In some other one…   .  Where there is Life..


It’s not there either…  .

The Eye gets lost all the time and doesn’t want to look there. .

A Big Eye is alive, you know. . . and it consists of living little eyes..


They make him look up at the Distant Sky, and he keeps turning around and looking next to them – on the Earth…    It is looking for someone…  .  We don’t know who, it’s just looking and that’s it…   .



The Eye never speaks. .         But can. . .         we know. . .     .

When it looks at someone, it can kill. . .          With a look. . .

Or else. . .       I don’t know with what. .





You called him Fluffy. . .      It’s a silly name, but I like it.      It has got orange hairs all over its body and four legs. . .       He is small. . .

Just like you. . .     roughly speaking. . .    .



The Spider places them around the Big Eye so that it doesn’t look at the ground. . .

The Eye is afraid to kill the little ones and looks up. . .    .


The Fluffies, let’s call them that, are standing around.     They were ordered not to leave. . 

So they won’t leave, . . .     until the next Spider arrives. .       Then they will be replaced with new ones. .


And what about these ones?


They will be destroyed. .     They can’t live any longer. .        So they say. . .    .


The eye began to deteriorate frequently. .

The little eyes from which it is laid out are closing faster and faster. . .

Only in the center are they still watching. . .       But they alone can’t see far. . .     .

In order to get far, it is necessary that every eye looks together. . .    .



The Spider arrived ahead of schedule. .

He was evil. . .     He kicked little fluffy and went to change the eyes. . 


I heard what my Fluffy thought. . .      He would violate the order to stand still. . .

 I smiled, I didn’t realize then what he was up to. . .     my son. . .    .

I didn’t always understand his thoughts. . .

He’s not like the others – he’s always thinking about something else. . .    .




Fluffy crawled up to the Spider’s ship, it takes time. . .      Climbed into the duct from back. . . Then even further. . .    I don’t know what to call it. . .         he decided that it was right place. .




I knew what he was going to do, but I couldn’t, and I didn’t want to stop him. . .    .

I guess I was proud of him. . .    , that he was so. .         Not like everyone else. . .      .


It’s foolish. .    But I was proud. . .    .


Are Your mothers proud when their son decided to stop and destroy the Spider? . . .    .


There are no Spiders?     You just don’t see them. . .





The Spider came out of the Dome protecting the Big Eye. .     He closed the hatch. .    

He kicked another fluffy and went back to his ship. .

The ship was silent. . .         The door didn’t open. .


I fully realize what my Fluffy had done. .


The Spider won’t be able to come back. .   He will die by the side of his ship. .  

It’s good. . .    .



The Big Eye smiled under the dome. . .    .  I understood that smile.

It had never smiled before. . .   , just was looking into the Sky,     . . .     like a dead. . .    .


And now. . .     Now I knew he liked my Fluffy. . .        And. . .

And the Eye smiled and said that it was also proud of my Son. . .    .

It seemed to me that he wanted to say of Our Son. . .    .



Then the Eye said that now he was ready to die too. . .       and that Death can kill all of his little eyes. . .    , even the undamaged ones. .          She need to leave a few. . .

He will tell which ones. . .    .




Two Spiders came at once. . .

They realized what had happened. . .    .

They destroyed another fluffy, then another. . .

Nearby. . .     The ones that were next to mine. . .   .



The Eye turned. . .    I heard what He was thinking. .

He thought he would never look for a Life for them. . .

I answered to him. . .        That I love him. . .

Because Life it’s Me. .


The Eye smiled again and looked at the Spiders. .




The other Spiders didn’t come again. ..


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