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 The Father




My father is big and handsome. He is smiling. . .            That’s how I saw him back then.

I never saw him again. . .      because I wasn’t born that time. . .        And then . . .           too. .



It was a good day then. . .

I should have been born to them. . .


I look at my father from below. . .

I don’t look at my mother. I just know she’s good. .           And no need to look back. . .


My father is smiling. .    He’s got white teeth. . .         Eyes with rays. . .

I don’t remember anything else. .   I didn’t see him for long. . 




I see him again.

I stare at my father. .      My future father. . .

I like him. . .            He is big and handsome. . .   .      He is smiling. .





I don’t remember what happened next. .  Now I’m DIFFERENT.  I don’t have to be his son now. . 

I’M SHIT. .  That’s what the CODE says.


Why did I become shit? .      I don’t know.

I’m crying and that’s it. . 

I’m still with my mother. My father is here near as well.

But he won’t be my real father anymore.      I DON’T HAVE TO be born. . 

I want to look at my father again.     I don’t see.

I must leave. . .    .      It’s time.



I’m shit. . .   .     The shit should be there. . .        In the abyss. . .               Where it’s dark. . .

And no one will see that I’m shit. .


I’m ashamed to be shit. . .    .    I didn’t do anything wrong, . . .     that makes you shit. .       But the CODE says so. . 


Others stayed up. .        I’m going down. .

Deep down. . .    .       Everything has changed around me. . .

There are many like me here. . .     they were also turned into shit. .

Everyone is silent – it’s a shame to be shit.




I’m thinking about my father. .  I’m trying to remember what he’s like. . 

There is only this thing in my memory – Big and Handsome. . .       He is smiling.



From here they will never choose the one to be born.

There is nothing below it. .    It is empty and dark. .   I’m still trying to remember. . .        Big. . .





It is a good day.  I was chosen to be born. . .   .               I don’t remember anything. .

I want to see what my father is like. . 


I saw him. .     Just the face. . .        but not very clear. . 

He’s wearing an iron collar, chained to the wall.

When These come to rape and then kill children, everyone should look at the ground.       And he looked up to see them. When you see them, they can’t go unrecognized.

It is important.



His left arm and left leg were broken. . .      ribs. . .          then they poked out the left eye – the right one was taken out a long time ago, when he was three years old.


Then it’s become dark.  It means I won’t be able to be born again.




Then I don’t remember much. .  I know he was only kept to teach children how to do things for These. He was the only one who knew. . .    .     He was not allowed to do it himself, they were afraid. . .


I also know that in every life he raised his head to see. . .         And that each time he was tortured for it for a long time. . .    .        He hasn’t changed. . .

I could no longer see, . . .      I just knew that there was no his smile. . .         and no eyes with rays. . .     .               . . .  and. . .    , that his whole body was broken. .



You don’t need to know the rest.



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