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The Dance




I never danced          but I really wanted to             when I watched the girls dance. . .     in front of the Emperor. . .        he wanted them all to dance         naked first           and then he took one of them        to bed. . .


I didn’t want to go to bed with this monster. . .      I just wanted to dance            When you hear music in your head – I don’t know where it comes from – I always want to talk about what I hear not in words, but in dance.




I saw earthlings dancing. They are different. . .     Indian dance is similar to ours. . .   a little. . .  others are not. . .       completely different. . .     .



We used to dance like this. . .      long ago. . .        in other lives. . .            for a loved one. . . 

I danced too, probably,      . . .         I don’t remember these lives. . .          I can’t remember. . .   I know what I danced, I know every movement. . .        I know what it means. . .      but I can’t remember when and how          and for whom.



You know that These destroy our memory           so that we forget our Genus. .

So I do not remember how it was,          with whom I was             but my body remembers.



I know that I must remember                  I will sink lower and lower     into the Abyss

It won’t get any worse. . .         – I heard those words from you. . .

For you, too. . .        there. . .   in the Abyss.

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