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 The Computer




Do you want me to tell you about the Computer?. .

It’s not what you think. . .           not what you call a computer. It’s alive. . .

It’s made out of people’s brains. . .          and when a lot of brains think the same way, you can change things. . .     Those things from which you need to make what you want will become thoughts, and the Computer’s thought will come out of the nonliving and become a kind of living thing. . .        This is how we see it. . .            Did you see it too?



Well, let’s talk about something else. . .


However, I wanted to say more about the brain.


These are your brains. . .          we take them out of earthlings.


Every brain must die agreeing to rise… and we invite it to the ship to show what it is interested in – thoughts always go in the right direction – we know how to do it.

When he agreed to enter, then it was easy – everything would be like a dream for him – he entered, lay down…


The brain is removed from the still living body. . .           it’s necessary.

What it remembered is erased. . .           you only need to strive. . .         strive to do.

It doesn’t know what to do, just want it. . .                want it and that’s it. . .           or it’ll die.

We are destroying the brains which at the beginning want to know what for this. . .             you must want it without hesitation, want most of all, want as if your life depends on it. . .




Not everyone does that. . .             we have to destroy a lot.


If they want it well, we connect it to the part of the Computer that makes the shell for    Earth. . .                 the lower one. . .              the one that forms the night dreams of the earthlings.



When you wake up, you will think that this was your desire and it should be. . .         even if. . .


Then this desire will determine the choice. . .            the choice of everything. . .          what you like. . .               what you want or don’t want to do. . .  what you want to eat, and who you want.





So cycle by cycle your brains will get better for rising into the Computer. . 


For some, in addition to aspiration, even desires fit the Computer and they have connect to another part of it.



All parts of the Computer are gradually replaced with more and more new ones. . .       except for one. . .  the highest in the hierarchy.

It is made of brains that have only one goal – to preserve what is in its very depths – a point that no brain should think about.


For thoughts leading to this point. . .             even for thinking about thoughts that might lead to this point. . .                         No. . .         death would be too easy. . .







Well, . . .             now we can talk about something else. . .


Don’t you want to?


Now you want to talk about the point. . .


Well, think. . .              I’ll look.


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