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The Boy with No Name.




I’m a Star – pilot.  The boy is going to be born in three days.

We know exactly when.  .


Where she got the Semen with the part of the Nose I will not say.   You don’t need to.





Well.  .      Our Commander The Moon-Death gave.  .

Where did she take it from and why?  .    I don’t know.     She won’t say.


We, the stars, know how they are tortured and tormented for it.

But they never talk. .      Where. .         Why.  .



Moons can’t give birth for a long time. Since the First Circle of Time.  That’s why she is called the Moon-Death.



So this Semen the Moon took for me.  After all, I can give birth.  .         If it’s necessary.  .



I knew, of course, that we would both be destroyed for this. But this is the last part from that Nose. There is none left. She knows.  And I know.     And THEY know and are looking for.    All.



While we’re on Earth. . .  well, this is a special planet. Nowhere else is there.


You know Earth? .  .  .     .

Where from?

However, it doesn’t matter.



So, while we are there, the fetus can be carried but you can not give birth.   Not in the ship.  . 

On Earth you can, if you hide. THEY can’t hear underground.  Others hear. .

They won’t touch.  They live in holes and almost never go up. They are afraid.  .



THESE won’t know. They can’t hear the others. You just need to quickly get the child out of the belly and make sure that it is found by an earthling.

I’m a pilot, and I’ve seen one that fits.    She’s young and still has milk.   The child recently died.  .    He was killed.    By These.  .

Means he was a good one.  He died and that’s all.   Almost did not ill.       And the milk is not spoiled.  .




I mentally woke up the earthling and ordered her to follow the road to the forest. .

Death-Commander said nothing – it means I’m doing things right. .



The ship hovered above the ground.  .   Behind the forest.    I jumped down and went to the bushes by the road. 

I opened my belly with the blade and took him out. A lot of blood came out while I got him. 

I wiped him as best I could   . . .     and he’s all blonde, .  .  .     very small and doesn’t cry.   

He just looks at me as if he really sees and understands everything.

He knows everything. I taught him.




With the same blade from a chip of stone, I cut the umbilical cord.  .  .     . That’s it.

I didn’t close my belly. I had no time.  The earthling is close.


I put the baby on the ground. Mentally patted and whispered.  .  .   Everyone knows what.  .


He lay silent and stared into my eyes without blinking.  .  .   My gray-eyed one.  .  .


So need to get back to the ship quickly and get off the Earth. Then They won’t find. .  . 

Maybe.  .





They found.  Almost immediately.

The earthling was killed.


Gray-eyed was destroyed. .   As usual.



What they did to us,  to the commander,      it’s better for you to don’t know.



I didn’t cover my belly on purpose.  The blood stayed on Earth.  .   It means.  .  .    You can still find a trace of the semen.  And in every drop lives   “DON’T GIVE UP”.  .



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