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The Bitch



I did not live long I was three years old when I was taken by his first wife        to take me to him     to the Ruler.


I knew I had to do what he wanted.     She made me watch him kill other girls       if they didn’t want to serve      as he wanted       .



It’s not so painful      it’s bearable     just so disgusting

He’s big and black   and I                  he


When I had healed a little      he wanted me again            so that the first wife would bring me      she brought all the girls to him           to 



When he wanted me for the third time the first wife killed me herself            cutting out part after part of my body for a long time                until I was dead      .


He did not order anyone to bring him a second time before         so they were left to live        so they could give birth to new girls for him later          from his children        there are many of them       he has many wives, so there are many children         he kills boys himself later to take their male force          he thinks that if you eat a part of the boy’s body, then his Future will enter the Future of the one who eats.

His first wife also was eating the girls he hadn’t yet                   the little ones    . 


The future should not go away from the one who will be eaten            so they kill in such way that you do not die from pain – they cut your throat with a very sharp knife and you die not believing that this is really happening to you         you wanted to live, and now you see how the blood goes into the pot that will be served up, so that the Ruler immediately drank your life force       and you start living in him       even if not entirely, but only as blood, but


That’s how you become dead with this thought, so the Future stays           -so they said   .




I died from the pain and my Future managed to go       there          to the SOURCE,        I think   .


I do not know what else to say to you            you say that it is not like that on your Earth    that you are put in prison for this   because you cannot kill – this is the law.

It means that those who do this will live after their death in our world         and do the same with the souls of those they did during their lifetime

It means everything will happen again      so you were also deceived by This One        .


We started this conversation because I thought that the word “chick” you said to humiliate the earthlings-women.          You didn’t think so – I read your mind. 

And These called us bitches              all of us      .



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