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The Aquarius Vessel




I’m five years old for you and I’m dying.

Not because I’m sick – we never get sick. . .              we just die and that’s it. .



I am dying because I don’t want to live             This        This

I’d rather die         and it won’t be done.


This    This     I should kill my mother – that’s what the Law says.


I must enter when she is asleep and stab her in the throat.     But I didn’t do it and they cut out my guts. .           They’re lying on my chest. .



I had to die for a long time and I was chained to a stone slab, so that everything would remain as they did. .          This is the place where the Law makes sacrifices. . .      not itself, of course, but its servants.

He only listens to my thoughts and hides something in the sacrificial vessel. . .     .

Something that will raise the soul after death to kill it again during the rituals. 

At festivities.  So that when These will make their own life prolongation by taking mine. .

And the others they sacrifice.



They’ve already killed a lot of people for this.

Now they want us to perform the ritual ourselves. . . so that children kill their parents and even worse       so that parents kill their beloved children           those who are conceived from love, and not from rape by these. .      This One decided so. . .      Law. . .            It came down from the Sky          and now everything become different.         It orders, and it is served. Everyone. . .      except my mother. . .            and I didn’t.



They wanted to force others of our genus to serve them              They couldn’t     So they killed them all.

Also according to the ritual. . . To torment their souls endlessly.

From The Vessel. .


That is all.





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