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The 14th   2nd Moon



I don’t want to remember. . .              It was the day I was supposed to give birth to my daughter. . . 

she was then called Death.    And I was called the Queen Death. .

This is how they joke.

This is not a crown on our head. . .            the king has the crown, and we. . .        In general, so that we can not kill his son if a boy is conceived, and not a girl, as usual.



We do not want a son to be born from him – so only girls are born.



The crown is needed so that he can hear thoughts. . .      our thoughts. . .            that’s why we try not to think at all. . .        so that nothing can be heard. But if you know the moment when he falls asleep, then you can very quietly talk to your unborn girl. . .     teach her. . .          how to do it. . .        when she is born.




About the boy. . .

It’s better not to think about the boy – it’s as if he’s not even inside you. . .           alive. . .

Even if you hear this thought, it is not clear whether he is alive or not.




He needs a son so that, having destroyed his consciousness, to enter his brain and live there. As if in a new body.

So we want to kill so that he can’t live again. . .            This one.


He’s been living like this for a long time. . .        moving from body to body, killing the souls of the boys we thought of as our children. . .


Then we realized that they still become not ours when they stop sucking our milk. . .             they suck it for a long time – up to three years. . .            they suck everything out. . .     and life, too. 

And then we are killed – they don’t need us anymore.


Girls suck for up to a year. . .        then they are taken away. . .            for different things. . .

The beautiful ones will be bitches. . .            Not very pretty ones will be servants. . .        well, for other things, too.



You won’t think badly of us, will you?


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