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The 15th to 16th. The Second Moon.




He was ordered to live on Earth, to find gold outlets on the surface.


The depth of the formation is poorly understood from the ship.

They – the seekers – are released in boats.

Three at a time. So that they don’t hide.

One is the overseer…  she is watching from the boat. One is the pilot.

She does not descend to the surface.

Another one walks on the ground. He is the one who must find the gold.


Sometimes the ones on the ground tried to hide in the holes…

You can’t see underground from the boat.. They track you down anyway, of course. But it’s distracting.


This one was smart. They should have taken his brains out.. He could hide his thoughts.

He got out of the boat to inspect the formation’s exit and jumped into the cave. The overseer didn’t follow him into the hole. There are beasts hiding there. Earth animals. Different ones…  Better let us be killed. Then you will rise. If the animals eat you, then no…  Probably… No one knows. The souls of the animals never return… They said that they remain to live in the bodies of animals.

Those who thought this way were destroyed.


The overseer and the gunner-pilot were destroyed. For missing the geologist-seeker. 

He is Beta. There aren’t many of them left. They are handsome. Particularly… They have blonde hair like bitches… Gray eyes. Bitches have got eyes with rims. These ones don’t…           With rays… It is beautiful.


We, the overseers, are SIGMA. It is such a breed… It was bred on purpose.

They are ruthless – the brains are taken out almost completely. The eyes are also redone so that the Spiders can see what we’re looking at.



The scanner ship detected the escaped one several times.

Beta.. The male.. Handsome… . Even on the monitor, you can see that he is handsome.

Each time he managed to hide again. This time I went out on the ground alone. I said that it would be better to catch him when he got out of the cave.


I paralyzed him.. when he got out..  He wanted to eat..  I dragged him back to the cave… .

I sat next to him until he woke up.. He is a handsome bastard..


He made me pregnant to let him go…

I stayed in the cave until he was far away.


I tore out the radio beacons on his suit out and left inside the cave. Now it will be harder to track him down. Maybe they’ll think the animals ate him… Then he will stay to live on Earth.

They said it worked… Before now.

I called the scanner. I said I couldn’t find him in the cave. Let them take me.


They didn’t notice that I had semen inside me.

SIGMA is almost not checked. We’re ugly. No one wants us.

You also have such. We understand them… Not always…




The fetus is almost invisible under the suit.. When it became visible, the other two on the ship said nothing.. They thought it was from a soldier… They hoped it was from a soldier…

For Beta, everyone will be destroyed.. THIS is forbidden.





I took the baby out through my belly. I cut it open and took it out. Sigmas can’t give birth. It is made this way…

You won’t understand.



It is morning.

Not far from the village. Mentally I woke up the peasant woman. I ordered her to get up and walk down the road to the field. Through the woods…


She is young. She’s got milk. She is strong. She can feed my baby, too.


I put the baby, the boy BETA_SIGMA_ by the path and left.


I saw a peasant woman pick him up. The boy is handsome.. Like his father. She liked him at first sight.

I taught her how to hide through my mind..

She didn’t understand anything.. An earthling. She just ran home..



The scanner found the boy.

You can’t hide the BETA.. The code is noticeable.. Very. In the evening they took him away..

The entire village was ordered to be destroyed.


I refused to comply with the order… Our ship was destroyed for disobedience. 

The boy was atomized… A Point in the Abyss.. Super small O.. You won’t understand.

Even the scanner doesn’t see any traces.

So that there is no such breed – illegal.


We can’t rise – we’re mixed up with the ship. We were all ground to dust… Even smaller.

You won’t understand.

It really hurts…



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