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The 14th to 15th. 2nd Moon



In our world, if they call you a bitch, then you become one..

That’s not how it is with you, is it?



This girl is also a bitch. Beta.

Bitches are kept in such houses. To do this …  In collars …  On leashes.


A soldier takes the leash when he wants one of them.

Sometimes he does it forcibly …  Sometimes they don’t resist. They, Beta, were created for love.     So they want love..  At least some..  Even such love.



Bitches are beautiful.

Long, ash-blond hair and gray eyes


In 2 Cycles of 3 Moons, they are given to the Houses of Love. For all…        for the soldiers – in the House of Pleasure.

There are the strongest whores there.. From the Moons.        They can destroy the servants with a single glance.  The soldiers wear helmets. They don’t take them off when they rape.. This way she will not spoil the brain.. And the male things….      Through the eye..


Moon-Beautiful-Death to the Soldiers killed two. With a glance.. Then they raped her anyway.

They didn’t kill her because of those two..  They wanted to eat the baby first – when she gives birth…

To become brave.



Tomorrow she should give birth… Moon-Beautiful.

They are waiting… .


They didn’t even rape her while she was pregnant .. Even though she was weak. Because she teaches the baby in the belly how to kill.. And other things.. The power is in the child at this time.

She taught everything.. What she knew and heard.. Then she killed the baby herself when she took it out..


You don’t take it out? How is that?


She killed it herself…  The baby suffocated… It means he will rise high. Where they can’t eat him. To go for the shit…


She was destroyed by three guards at once. The soldiers were afraid.

The guards are not afraid, they like to do it. That’s the way they are.

They died anyway. All of them. We killed them. For her. We are her children.

The unborn.      Bitches.



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