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The 14th of February



The day Ray was destroyed. Not immediately, . . .   but gradually, so that it hurts more.


The Ray is what a man should have. The each one. .    Masculine origin. . .      Of everything. 

To take care of Her. . .      About a woman. . . who . . .

Probably, everyone should have their own Woman

So that every woman has their own Man. .

These killed the last man. .     There are no men. .     Not a single one.       Z- little was killed.


There are only These.   They can inseminate a woman, of course, but they are not Men. .

We don’t want to give birth to them. . .   and we won’t.     They’ll destroy for it.

It means killing a child. . .    unborn.

But we still won’t give birth to them.  We won’t and that’s it. .           Let be. .


14th of the 2nd moon is the day when the Death Moon was destroyed. . .

She killed The Senior Guard.   The overseer.

He wanted to eat her boy. .

The Moon Death gave birth on the 13th. . .    yesterday morning. . .    no one knows when. . .   .  They don’t hear.

This Overseer was waiting for a boy to be born.

A child from Z. . .    .  The last Z boy.

And Moon was waiting for him. .       She knew they would destroy him. . .  but she wanted him to live for at least a minute. It is important. Then the Ray will be born. . .     . Into this World. .    He’d never had time before. . .    . He was killed before he passed . . .    .

If he manages to pass into this World, then the soul will live. . .  even if they kill him.

He’ll find some body . . . unoccupied.     Even the smallest one. .


She put the overseer to sleep . . . she can do it. With a thought.

Then she took the meat scraper from him . . . and drove it into the sleeper’s eye with all her might.

The overseer jumped up, fell, jumped up again. .

He howled like . . . like These always howl before they die.

Blinded, he was finished off by the other guards. They immediately came running. .   Because the blind are finished off. .   Always. .  Because the blind can’t do the work. .

Guards have one eye taken out immediately after birth. . .  Well, and other things, too, what do These need. .   The brains . . .  .  Not all, of course. They leave as much as necessary for work.


Death Moon was also destroyed . . .        Long enough for everyone to see.

They tormented as they could. . . Torn apart. . .    For long.      She is   Death Moon – daughter of the Moon. .


Then they pissed on everything that was left. . .  To mix it up. . .     So that nothing remains of her that is not destroyed. .      So that even the pieces of the Soul could not rise. .     Never. .  Pissed on by These.


And you don’t need to know about the child. . .    .    Don’t.



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