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The 13.2. .



My father is a mine worker.    Mother. . .


She was raped by a security guard… When my father wasn’t home.


The guards are very big and strong. They are brought by those who descend from the Sky.

To force men to work in the mines.

The girls are being taken away. We don’t know where.

And women are raped – when they are bored…


Collars are don to men. They are not removable.. Something happens to them because of this…     They become like…        It’s like they’re not here. Like it is happening not with them. As if they weren’t their wives and children. As if none of this is true. It’s like you wake up and none of this ever happened.



Father came home from work when they were raping my mother.

She’s pregnant…

He screamed. Not from fright.. He was killed with a single blow.

And they continued to rape my mother. Two more..

She died of it.

And the boy inside her. Also..


She will not rise – the earthlings do not rise.

The semen is deliberately spoiled, so that they do not rise.

They kicked the dead body..  And left.


The boy rose. We don’t know why..      The earthlings don’t rise.

Let him…  We don’t want to know who raised him…  So small…  Maybe they’ll hide him somewhere.


Even into an animal – if only the mother was never raped. And Father …  do not…




I never wanted to know what happened with that unborn child. . .

And he became what all the unborn become – the shit. . .


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