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                                                                                    for young people who think they are grown ups 

                   and adults who remember what they knew

 when they were read fairy tales  


About those who are betrayed, deceived,

tortured and killed


Fairy tales is because the dead can’t really tell it.

And you think the same?

Seriously? . . .







If you think that somewhere, in far space, there are some higher beings.

That they are completely different. . .


If you think about the history like here, there were once quite different people … wild and dark and, in general, strangers to you at all.

That you are higher. . .      apart from the tsars and the kings, of course.


If you think that millions of years ago there were no people. . .

Well, maybe, . . .      quite like animals. . .


If you think that animals are completely different, and you are higher. . .      So much higher that you can kill them and eat them. . .


And do you know how an animal feels when it’s being hunted. . .      when they were caught and now they will be killed. . .       You know what his last thought is about the children left alone. . . ?

Do you know how happy a mother was when she gave birth to her cubs. . .     what she thought when she played with them?         When you haven’t been tracked down yet. . .  When everything seemed to be good. . .    .


If you think that those who are higher can kill those who they consider to be lower than themselves. . .    to eat. . .       or just for fun. . .


And the history for you is something about the life of ancient rulers. . .

So there is no history. . .    You got.


You’re not interested about others. . .     like about dirt.

And they weren’t dirt.

And the book is about them.


This is the real story.   Just as we know it.



You want to have a history, too. . . The real one?    About these. . .    and about us. About you and about us. . .     .       Who are we to you. . .


Then you must find your silver thread. . .    It is tangled and torn. . .   somewhere very close. . .

You don’t know what a silver thread is?

The one that leads to grandparents. . .   through a father a mother. . .    there. . .   So far away.


But you wanted this. . .


I can’t tell you the history of our Universe. No one knows the beginning. . .     And so do we.


All we know is that the Universe is billions of billions of years old.

We know that when you go deeper in time, the Cycles get bigger and bigger.

We know that EVERYTHING repeats itself in Cycles. . .     and so does the history. . .       Not exactly of course. . .


Something happens every time. . .     .      And the Cycle is interrupted before it reach the point. .  .    .        It doesn’t matter how you call it.        It’s important that it doesn’t reach. .


In every Big Cycle there are small Cycles and just Cycles – it’s like years,. . .    for you.

A lot of them have passed . . .      these Cycles. . .       Can’t tell about all of them. . .    .

And what for. . .     they are similar. .


I can tell you about our genus – the O genus.     A little. . .   .

It also goes beyond the Time border.


The history of our genus is not about the lives of kings, emperors, and pharaohs. . .

They are simply assigning history, as if nothing else important ever happened except for them. .


Assigning is worse than stealing. .       When they steal, they’re afraid they will be found and killed. . .    .

When they assign, they are not afraid of anyone. .      THESE do that. .      Always.

And we hate them. .


                                                                         . . .


What we have done is assigned. . .      By these. .        EVERYTHING.




The souls of those who did do not die. . .          As long as anyone remembers. . .     who did it. .

That’s why These assign everything in history. . .  , to remember about them. .   And only about them.

The souls of the robbed are simply destroyed. . .     and those who knew. . .     Or guessed. . . or could have guessed. .     So that there were no witnesses. . .    .

So that no one can ever remember. .       So that you can’t find the connecting thread. .

They stick like ticks to the souls of the living and suck the life out of them. . .        through the memory. .

                                                                         . . .



The life of each human remains in the Tradition.

What you are doing now as well.

Each Genus sends its part of the Tradition to its children.

Traditions can be assigned by destroying the Genus.

Then robbed and slandered, he will die completely.




We tell the Tradition to our children . . .    .

About those we loved . . . and love endlessly. . .    To remember those who tried to change the Law. .       To be different. . .     .         To make everything different. . .    .                                                      They didn’t know how either, but not like this. . .     .       Without THESE. .


So that no one assigns what others have done. . .

So that no one will take our children. . .

There. . .    To These.


That’s why they gave their lives. .      And the lives of souls . . .      then . . .      after death. . .     .

They gave it until nothing alive was left at all. . .

Even voices in the emptiness. .


Just a tight chest and a deadly cold inside. . .

And the hope that someday someone might remember. . .

Although who can remember in billions of years. . .

But the Silver Thread is still going somewhere. . .            It means they can use it to find . . .            To fix EVERYTHING. . . . . . . . .

                                                                        . . .



We were connected to each other in previous lives. . .       In different ways. .

It’s hard to understand. .

The ends of the Thread always break off . . .

But it doesn’t matter . . .          the Main thing is to do while you can. .


So I will tell you about those who did.

The ends of the Thread lead somewhere.





I want to tell about my Genus. What I saw myself.



Your Death




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