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On the Way of Aquarius




Each sign has got its own path. It was set by These.


Aquarius has got. . .

Being born during the period when Aquarius records in the future child’s brain does not always make this way the same the Way of Aquarius. And we have to view every earthlings boy if he’s carrying this Record. . .        to destroy him. . .          so that this Record doesn’t exist.

This is the worst Record of all. You don’t need to know what it’s about. When you don’t know, you won’t raise it. . .          you’ll die carrying it inside you, and it won’t let it rise again.


You yourself decided to do so and I make you exterminated.

This means that the Record of you will not exist after your death. . .        just another dirt disappeared         and that’s good.


I’ve already destroyed your Mirror, and you couldn’t even do anything

Then this is not your Mirror,         so you’re just an ordinary earthling         and Shit is sitting in the place of the Mirror.

Then instead of past lives, you were given someone else’s Records. . .         Records of what you didn’t do. . .    couldn’t do, because you never lived before this life. . .           so I was also deceived           by These.



I want to say about Shit. . .

These don’t have children. . .         and they can’t determine what kind of soul a Mother will send to an unborn child               because she kills what These, taking away from her children, want to make a Record for their own.      With the killed Record, we can see the future life of These – when shit in their thoughts generates shit in everything they want to get . . .     and they want to have the life of all Universes.



You were sent on the Aquarian way. . .       with Shit instead of a destroyed Record

This is bad, but we always want to leave life to such children. . .      so that they have at least a little time to grow up, so that you can see that the shit is from These, and not from a previous life.

Many manage to hear the voice leading to their purpose in life…    Not all… But we hope…



February is a short month, because Aquarius did not have time to finish his way – Death stopped him. She really wanted to finish off this scum. . .    she couldn’t hit to            there was still something left of the O Genus.




And you are not mistaken with the true meaning of this sign of fate. . .

and what it is             for you earthlings.




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