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Niburu is an adult planet.  Almost old.  .  .  Just was killed before.  .  .  .

Didn’t have time to grow old.  .  .  No one has time.  .

For a long time now.  .


The Earth is young.  .

You don’t know? And what do you know?


And your star is stupid. You shouldn’t call it the Sun.

Why is it stupid?


Who are you anyway? Why don’t you know anything? I told everyone.  .  .


Didn’t I tell you?


What ordinary human? There are no ordinary humans. They are all killed.


And you are.  .  .


So there are still humans?


Why don’t you just say that you’re human?

Don’t know what?    What do you mean, you don’t know anything?





That’s not how you say it all. It wasn’t like that.  .  .



How was it?

From the beginning?


You wouldn’t understand.  .   People don’t understand FROM THE BEGGINING.  .


What makes you think you’ll understand?

You’ll understand about humans.  .  .


Well. Listen about humans, then.  . 



About those whom I loved.  .

      And still do.  .       Although they have been gone for a long time.  .



      A LONG, LONG time ago.



You don’t know these numbers.  .

No. A Billion is a very small number.  .  .    It doesn’t matter anyway.

 I remember them as if it was only yesterday.  .  .    .



That’s it.    Listen. Think that it wasn’t so long ago.  .  . 

.  .  .  NOT SO.  .  . 








Who am I?

Why do you need that?

You want to know.  .


Is there a name?  What is it?


There’s no need.  .  .  You wouldn’t understand.  .    THEN.  .  .      Maybe.  .  .


Well. You can think of me as infinity.

Not this one.  .   THIS ONE is small – 333,000 km in one beat of its heart.


No.  .

A UNIVERSE of UNIVERSES in one heartbeat.

Per second, as you say.

ABOUT the UNIVERSE of UNIVERSES, the Big UNIVERSE.  .  .  Which is being killed. .

SOON enough.  .  .


But still alive.  .  .


I managed to say it.  .









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