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My Sister Death




I’m an Starlet.          I want to tell you about my sister Death.



She’s younger than me. . .      She’s three cycles for us, which is nine years and a bit for you.


We were taken to the House when she was three for you. . .       It’s early for girls. . . 

Usually, they give us away at five. .


I was given away with her, I was fifteen years old for you. . .  very late. . .                                    because I’m not pretty and I have almost no breasts. . .    .



I was smart. . .     and she was beautiful. . .      I don’t know why. . .

We didn’t know our parents. . .      all we knew was that we were sisters, that’s all. . .

That’s why we were always kept together. . .


The guards fucked her before we were sent to the House of Death. . .

I was not touched – there was the ban on me. . .     These ordered so. . .     .




I don’t know what else to tell you. . .    We were killed then. . .      Both. . .     In one day. . . They needed us to be different, yet killed on the same day. . .


I also wanted to tell you not to think of us as. . .

As. . .


With you, these words mean something completely different. . . 




And also. . .

When they tortured her, they wanted her to betray me. . .


And she didn’t say anything. . .      So she was torn up. . .      By the legs. . .       She’s so. . .


And I. . .         I couldn’t stand the pain. . .         So I became a Star. . .     an Starlet to be correct.



You won’t judge us, will you? Me, I mean.



I’ve always been afraid to even think about it. . .            about how I betrayed her my sister.


She’s not full sister       we only have the same father and different mothers.

She’s beautiful and I’m ugly.   I’m the eldest and I hate her.


She always looks at me     waiting for me to think something      so she could it for me

she does everything that I think to her

I still hate her for her beauty.




Back then she wanted to do something for me as well, but I didn’t want to hear her and went alone. . . 

without her.

I used to take her with me, but this time I thought that I don’t need her, that I would do everything myself, I’m smarter than her after all.



You don’t know what I did?      . . . almost.


I wanted to open the door behind which the Emperor kept his weapons. . .       the one that is very big,       which can kill everyone at once.  It paralyzes the body and you can do whatever you want without fear then.



I thought I’d kill them all. . .         and then

I thought I could find where he kept his ship later. I’ll find it and fly away. . .

I didn’t think where. I’ll fly somewhere. Where they won’t be.




I wanted to pass through a undercover corridor that only the Emperor could walk through.         I found out about this corridor from her. . .      from my sister. She saw the Emperor go in there, he liked to show her how powerful he was, he could kill even all of them.


There was a lot more in that room, but he liked to look how the one who had already raised her child and was no longer needed, knowing what he is doing to her, paralyzed, unable to move.

He liked to make freaks, cut off some parts of the body and put others in their place. . .    not just from people.




When I learned this from my sister, I didn’t believe it at first – he never did it in front of me. 

I didn’t believe it, I thought she wanted me to hate the Emperor. 

I thought he was just killing those who didn’t listen to what the Law said.

I wanted to tell the Emperor that the one he always leaves with him in bed just wants to become the Main Wife and for this. . .               Well, so that I am no longer the one who chooses which one of the girls to bring to him next time.


He never took me to his bed, and I envied the ones he chose. Of course, later, when they give birth, he will also destroy them, but I wanted to know how it feels when you. . .    well, how you feel. . .         .





My sister mentally showed me a passageway where I could walk and see what he was doing to unwanted women.          So I went.


I didn’t do what she was thinking to me. . .     I didn’t clean up the trail that always leaves behind a person. A trail that you can always use to determine where who went.


She was thinking to me that it was wrong, that the Emperor would destroy me for it. I didn’t believe her. I thought she was jealous of me, that I was in charge, that I was needed, that he wouldn’t kill me for a very long time.




I didn’t want to see how people who weren’t needed or who broke the Law were killed, I just wanted to see if my sister was lying.


I’ve never seen the dead, the servants clean them up. 

The servants are kept on a different level and I don’t go there, they are lower than me.



I am not the one who brings women to destroy them. But when the next one is dragged, you can hear it clearly, they yell with their voice, not just with their thoughts.





There are no guards in the forbidden corridors, but no one would even think of entering them.

And I went. . .      The one in charge. . .


You can look into each room from the corridor through observation holes, you can see everyone but no one can see you.



I saw everything he did to that woman. . .                    I didn’t have time to hide the thought. . . he heard it.




I hid. . .      I thought that if they search, they might not find it, it’s hard to search by thought.


My sister realized everything and went somewhere.

I didn’t want to read her thoughts and just sat on the floor. 

I buried my face in the lap and didn’t want to see or hear anything.


They found me.





My sister went almost all the way where I went. 

She smeared her blood on the wall to make it look like she was walking. 

That she was the one who wanted to destroy the Emperor.


She didn’t have time to cover up the whole way.  She was grabbed. . .      dragged to him. 

Her trace broke and mine was still going on, that’s how they found me.







At first, he killed her for a long time. Differently.

I don’t want to tell.


I didn’t have time to think about why she was following me. I thought bad things. So I tried to think until the very end. . . blamed her all the time.










When a person is disfigured, even if he is already dead, he will be so in the world where you get after death.

So I’m ugly now.



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