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                                                         Little O



A little girl O is dying. .   For us she is a little O. .

For you . .


For you it is an infinitely large Universe.

We try to understand what happens every time at this moment.  .

It kills her every time. .

It appears outside and penetrates inside her.  It  .

When her mind can’t stand the pain, she falls into herself.    Into the Abyss. .


We try to fix it. .     To understand what she was thinking, what it was. ? .

But It happens again and again. .

You call it the wheel of Sansara. .




I have one eye left.   And yet some body.   They destroyed the rest.

This eye looks into itself.   I can’t see out now. .    The body decays. .       I can’t feel it.    Only the pain. .


I was still a little when I had to give birth to a boy.   They destroyed the fetus.

I hardly remember it. . .     I only remember that it was a boy.


I’m afraid they’ll destroy that eye, too. . .     I do what they demand, and they always demand IT. .


I used to hear and see the older ones. Parents and others. They didn’t have time to tell me something important again. .      I felt it and knew it. I didn’t know what to ask. .

What are they afraid of. ? .     IT Again. ? .

They think it comes from the outside. From others. .

But I can hear it coming up in me. My head feels heavy. Then it very hurts. .     Then the pain goes away and I realize that something has changed.   I don’t know what, but I can’t hear older ones anymore. .

Others are inside.    I want to say that they have reappeared.   Have no one to. .


I don’t see you. You’re too small.  Points. .     And you won’t understand about me.

My parents said that everything inside us repeats itself to an infinitesimal point.

We create ourselves.   And every part of us repeats our lives.    Mine. .


I’m dying.    I know.     Why?    If I’m still a little girl. .

You points always do It.   You kill me. Yourself.  What for?

I wanted to live. To love someone. .


You can’t live with one eye of the body alive and something else alive around it.  If I die, you will die.  But for you points it’s a long time coming. A billion years for you.   Maybe. .




Memory is black needles.  Dark. This is not my memory. Mine was left outside.

This is the memory of the points. They are long dead.  Murdered children, women. .  But their memory can be read. .   Do their lives repeat mine. ? .    My previous lives.     Many of them. Extremely.

The fourth Big Cycle is underway.   Then it’s completely dark. .

Their destinies repeat from cycle to cycle.  Not exactly the same. Someone was fixing it,  trying to fix it.

But it only shortened the Cycle.  From the Life to the Abyss.


You wanted to know about them. There are a lot of them.


The Father is like a ray in my memory. Big. He was hiding me from THEM. They murdered him. And he kept saying, “… don’t give up… “

I’ll tell you about them.




Little O is dying. There’s almost nothing left of her.  Alive. .    We are fixing it.

There’s still time to make it. She can’t hear.  Although the eye is still alive..


You points live on it. In your opinion, this is Earth.

There is almost nothing left alive. .    Nowhere. .   This is the last one. .


Little O is dying.

You points kill her yourself. .    From the inside. .    It’s meanly to finish off a dying child.


Now you can’t say you didn’t know. . .      Nothing.

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