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Life – the daughter of LETO




I don’t know my father. I think he was killed because they always get killed. . .     men. 

So that we cannot have children, so that we can give birth only by creation – this is when a woman is injected with a semen from one whose properties should have fetus.



These take our women up to the ships that come down from the sky and do something to them. After that, a woman can no longer conceive from a man and can only give birth after creation. . .          By These.



I was also taken up to prepare for creation. . .       so I decided to kill myself. . .                                so as not to give birth to the creature.

These read the thought and spoiled all in my head.               And I can’t think of anything for long. . .      I forget everything I wanted. . .



Now I just carry these freaks       and as soon as I give birth to them, they immediately take them away from me so that I don’t kill them.


I don’t want to look at those abominations.     I don’t want to live           but they cut off my arms and legs and I can’t change anything – I keep giving birth and giving birth to these  freaks. . .       that’s what These want.



I do not know how to kill them in myself. . .     when I’m pregnant               and only think how to become completely dead,      so that everything died in me,          so that I couldn’t get pregnant      – and then I will be destroyed           and I want, I’m waiting for death                           And I don’t think you can say I’m monster.



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