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I am LETO. . .

I don’t want to say what that name means. . .            Names mean everything. . .          Fate, death. . . and what happens to us after death. . .          what we become for those who are still alive. . . 

For you.





I choked him.

I’m strong, and he’s still little – the one who raped and killed my little girl.

She is five years old, in your opinion – one Cycle, in our opinion.

He is three cycles old. He is the second generation of Λ.

And she was the daughter of this Λ. Overlord.


I’m the one Λ wanted to fuck. So he did often.

I didn’t want to. I wanted to love someone else. Not as black as  Λ.

Another. . .         of our genus. . .              I was thinking of another one.


I’ve never seen him. I could not. . .        I couldn’t see the others. . .

This is not possible. . .             We think they exist, but in fact they are all killed by Λ. . .                 as soon as they are born.



So I was thinking about the one who doesn’t exist and I wanted my children from Λ to be not like him. . .           but  like someone else. . .      who didn’t exist. . .     .



I was pregnant from him many times, but I have always killed the future boy in me. . .        and he wasn’t born.

And when I conceived a girl, I didn’t want her to be Λ . . .      I just wanted her to be like me. . . I thought that even the genus won’t be mine, but she will at least look like me. . .


She was born that way, fair-haired and gray-eyed. . .       my Heva, my little beauty. . .           .




And he. . .


I choked him until he died. . .           then I cut off his head and buried it in a shit pit.

Then I cut off the cock and balls and threw them on top.

Then I ripped open his stomach and ripped out her entrails.                 I shitted in there. . . inside. . .



Then I went to the House. . .      where These lived and said to Λ that I destroyed an one of his second generation.

He said it was the right thing to do. But I can’t break the Law and I 


Like the one I destroyed. .



Was cut part by part and destroyed.

In the shit.




I became Death in that . . .         other Cycle. . .


In your Cycle, I have little interest in life on Earth – I made up my mind a long time ago.

But I’m also looking at you. . .              all of you. . .          at once.

The Deaths of your Cycle are also looking – Mother Queen Death and her daughter – it is she who comes for you. . .



She comes and stands. . .      waiting for something, means does not want to carry out the Order yet.    She knows what will happen for it and still does not do – she was always stubborn. . .             and then, when there was alive this girl who did not have time to live. . . how people live, not like Death. . .



I don’t interfere with her actions, she’s not like me – I would have killed you long ago.

Sometimes I think she’s looking for someone. . .        she looks and can’t figure out something most important to her. . .            no matter what it takes. . .        And I smile. .




I smile because I know about you and your acts in all Cycles.

It can be seen. . .       what you’re going for. . .           From here . . . above. . .        it can be seen.




It’s clear that you are not my children. . .       – there is nothing of mine in you. . .            There is no Life.




Heva is my daughter.

And you I don’t know whose and I hate you. . .

I hate you for killing my little Heva. . .           my best girl. . .

You are scoundrels.     And I’ll kill you all. . .         Not immediately. . .          You will degenerate into shit on the physical level. . .          – the same shit as your thoughts. . .   .


And don’t say that you didn’t do it – didn’t torture her, didn’t trample her into the shit. . .   you are still doing it. . .            Ritually. . .         symbolically. . .

For me, it is every time a renewal of the day when you did it physically, on Earth, on another Earth.



So on this holiday of yours . . .






That’s all I wanted to tell you. I am LETO




Why did I go to the House myself. . .

I didn’t want to live anymore. . .            Without a loved one. . .                    without a daughter who looks like him. . .



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