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That’s what they call me, means the one that will be destroyed.


I’ll get what He tells me to get. It will be a fruit that you need to take and eat.


I have to eat it, and He will watch and listen to my thoughts. Then He will have the power to order the fruit’s parent.


That’s what He thought – I heard it.



He doesn’t know that I can hear thoughts. The other girls can’t hear.


He often fucks me and doesn’t kill after that like the others.

I’m afraid of him. It is wrinkled and yellow, without hair. And he has one eye. Right one.




I don’t know who I am. I don’t know who they are – the other girls. I don’t remember what happened before. 

I know things I’ve never seen before. I know that there is Earth and it is good there. They wear clothes there, and we are naked here.

I know that there is a World where LEX flies in space, the ship inside which we are. 

There are many of us – girls who didn’t give birth. I can’t count for long and I don’t want to. Because He kills those who gave birth.

Just born children, He eats himself, and the one who gave birth kills and first eats what is soft, and we gnaw the meat from the bones.




That night, when everyone was asleep, a voice inside my head said that the Earth was destroyed. It also told me not to be afraid of anything. I won’t be killed – I’m special and This One needs me to bring him the fruit of an animal-plant.


The voice also said that she was my mother, and the voice inside my head was her spirit, and that This One had killed her, too.


I asked with a thought who the other girls were. She said they were of a different genus. They’ll all be eaten.

She also said that I am smart and should do what she said. Then. . .       when we arrive in that World.

She told me how to do it to die right away.

I did as she said – I went to the animal-plant, and it turned to me. . .


I plucked the fruit from the ground and ran. The plant spat on me and I fell.





What happened next?


Then This One made another girl eat this fruit instead of the dead LETO.

Then another to eat the girl who first ate the fruit and died immediately.

Then another and another. . .



Then they stopped dying and he started eating them himself. . .

But he couldn’t get the power – the other girls couldn’t hear the thoughts of the plant-animal.






What Is This One?


Plants-animals killed him. . .         With the thought.


But there were still a lot of them left. . .        These. . .


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