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I’m a Grandmother




Do you want me to tell you my dream?

– To have a baby. . .      any. . .           even the most        if only he lived my little one. . .



This child was never given birth. .         not in any of lives       the ones I remember. . .


He had to be taken away by Death so that I couldn’t even hope, and I kept hoping and hoping so they called me the devil’s grandmother. . .     that was their joke. . .        These. . .          so that I don’t even have any hope in my life at least any. . . 

at least




You ask where then my daughters came from. . .

They are not born. . .         They were created       by These.

They wanted to make themselves women to serve   so that they could give them sons so that they could live in their bodies infinitely. 


They didn’t give them sons     so they made them Infinities.

Infinity is just infinite pain. . .       endlessly. . .     it means forever. . .        in all lives             to not even hope. .


The fact that girls are not considered children for us you know of course. . .              And boys should become slaves, freaks               so

Well, so that our Genus was broken.


There is only one thing left that cannot be destroyed – this is the desire that a boy will be born one day     from the earthling          to rise up                                        so that These are no longer exist             on Earth.



After all, desire is the thought that was the last in life                It is the latest Record for You earthlings. 


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