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I Don’t Believe




I will tell about them         about my children. . .   the unborn. . .           those who died before they were born     inside me           your MOTHER. . .


They are still dying now they are dying inside me and I also want to die with them

my beloved ones    my



You don’t understand what it means to die because of the inability to give birth to them who are so loved     loved before the birth        loved as the thought of them      the future ones who will rise up    who will make real my and their FATHER’s desire to correct our dead souls   to make them live again           in you     – our children. . .


It is only necessary that the Circle of Time is closed in our SOURCE,       so that it is not possible to break it again and again by These    – those who destroy us. . .          forever.




No one else can do this, but you earth people       but you have stopped hearing us a long time ago,             and even the very idea of our existence seems wild to you. . .




Even what you can sometimes see and hear, you consider a figment of the imagination and deny what can not be denied.




I can’t hear your thoughts – These destroyed the Passageways.           What they tell me about you. . .    I don’t believe in it –             my children can’t be like that. . .              they can’t



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