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Feast of Sacrifice



He fell.  .        Then he wanted to get up.     He couldn’t.  .         They finished off recumbent.


You don’t know anything about him.      Because he doesn’t exist.

Because there’s nothing left.

Just a thought.  .


Just do not think that this is small.    The thought is the main thing that remains of a person when he

When he’s not there.  .


Back then. . .

It was morning then. . .     The morning of that spring day when it seems that all bad things are over.

And that everything will be different now.   In a different way. . .   .

I guess it always seems that way in the spring.


These have a holiday.

They always have a holiday on this day.



Before. . .   long ago. . .     it was our Day.

The Spring Day. Now it’s their day. And we must not show ourselves outside.

Everyone should sit in the pen and not look up at the sky. . 

If you look up, they’ll kill you.


I deliberately raised my head as they come to the pen.

I have one eye, the other was taken out when I was a child. I was three moons old then. They need our eyes out. They need all out of us.

Male organs was taken out at seven years old, by your account.

Then they take out other things, but it kills. .     And without some parts, we live.

We work for them.



I knew I was going to get killed for looking at them and then at the Sun. .   It is forbidden. .

They are afraid when we look at them, and then at the Sun.

It is because the Sun sees through our eyes.  .    It sees them.  .     And they are afraid.  They are afraid that the Sun will understand who they are and destroy them.    It happens.      So it will be.


So the Tradition says. And they know it.



You only need to look at the one who leads them. .      And then look at the Sun.

You need to have time to look and have time to tell the Sun that they. . .

The Sun will understand.  .   It used to understand. . .

So the Legend says.  .



Now, something has become wrong.

No one looks at the Sun, they are afraid of These.


I’m not afraid to die.  .  But I need to see.    I need to see the one who will lead them to the pen on Feast of Sacrifice.

They always come here on Feast of Sacrifice.  To choose.  .     Choose the most. . .

The most handsome, although without an eye and without male organs but still handsome.  .


They are being destroyed.

Destroying is worse than death.

Because death allows you to collect the Thought, and destroying does not allow it.  .

Don’t you understand?  .

Well.  . So be it.


I watched out of the corner of my eye who was leading them this time.  He always hides his face.  .   Only the eyes are visible. But I recognized him.      I’ve seen him before. .     Back when he was a teenager and they brought him to the pen to teach him how to destroy us. . .     For The Holiday.


I recognized.  .   He realized I recognized him, because I stood up and looked him straight in the eyes.   They rushed toward me.  .

I had time to look at the Sun.  .       Until the other eye was knocked out.  .


The Sun was silent..



Don’t you want to write any more?

There is probably nothing to write.  .

Isn’t that the point?    .       Maybe that is not. .        I’m sorry I didn’t save you.  .    I couldn’t.  .




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