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                                                                The Escape



Everyone was thinking about the Earth.

They wanted to escape there. . .         Me too.


No one did. . .           Haven’t even tried it. . . 

I didn’t wait for someone to send for me to take me to the House of Death. . .



Said. . .           I wanted to tell that guard to let me in the boat. . .

Then you just need to think about where you want to fly and that’s it. . .        Thus speak.



He beckoned to me when I stopped and stared at the boat for a long time. . .

He jerked his head to the open door. . .              like: “do you want. . .    ?”

I nodded.



He looked at my body. . .          I’m small and I’ve never been fucked. . .            but I’m already beautiful. . .         I’ll be beautiful. . .         So others think. . .        I heard.



I went inside. . .         The boat was empty, as they said. . .             Just the place where the pilot should stand and that’s all, there’s nothing else. 

I couldn’t leave until I did whatever the guard wanted – he had what they call a key. Without a key the boat is not able to read the thoughts of the pilot. 

I bent down. .  .       – so he wanted.



It was painful and long. . .                I endured until I fell. . .       cause my legs stopped holding.


He laughed. . .        grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out of the boat. . .      He called the other guards. They were doing it to me too. . .


I woke up behind the fence,       tried to get up. . .              They don’t even take those like me to the House of Death. . .        I knew. They beat you to death when they find you.

I went to the black rocks. . .               There are snakes. . .                  They will kill at once and that’s it. . .           They are kind.



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