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                                               About The Soul



When Big O’s Soul died, she turned into a flock of robins. . .  

Five billion years later.


And before that?

Before that, She was looking for a body that she could still live in. .


                                                                     . .

Do you have a body?

And you’re not . . .


Why is a flock?

Because they’re looking for her in big bodies. . .  where She could hide. Robins are such small birds and they won’t be searched for. . .     .   And will not kill again. . .      Probably. . .


Why are they looking for her? Did she do something bad?

Who are you? Why are you asking such a stupid question?

On purpose?



And you don’t know about her Daughters? Don’t you know about Death and Star?

Who are you? Where are you from?

From what Earth?

Earth is long gone.


So this is another Earth. . .  And another Universe. . .    .


Do you also have robins?



Like ours. .   Not exactly, of course. . .   .  Beautiful, like ours . . .  and just as small. . .             And they sing almost like ours. . .    .  Only about other things. . .


Our robins came to you as well.

Not so. . . without wings, of course. . .   .    After all, they are just little Souls.   Like little robins. . .  .

So they chose a flock of your robins . .  To live. . .     Where they won’t be found.


But he wasn’t looking. .  Your Hunter.

He just liked to shoot the little ones with a gun.

He’s one of these. . .     Who likes it when a small body is torn to shreds. . .

When they are still alive and scratch the ground with their claws . . .  and can’t get up. . .    .

And they die for nothing. . .   .     It’s just what He wants. He’s a Big guy! . . .     Hunter. .


When you die, your soul may also find a body. . .    . Suitable.

And in which they won’t kill you. They won’t kill you for being small. Or for being big.

Or for some other reason.

Or without any reason. . .        They just don’t care. . 

After all, they are just some small creatures. . .



                                                                         . .


When the hunter fired at the Flock, all of them fell. . 

Dead and wounded. . .   .    Small fraction . . A lot of it. . .    .


They were dying and didn’t want to live in anyone else. .  After all, if even the robins are killed. .     

For no reason. . .

Just because there’s a Gun. . .   .

You get Big with a gun . . .     just like Big. . 

Like This One. .   The First. .  As the first. . .    .


                                                                         . .


On Earth. Alone.

In the Blood. No eye. Alone. . .     .



. . .  and this one has gone. .  He was whistling some song. He was glad that he hit it well – all of them fell. None of them flew away. . .   .


                                                                        . . .


The robin with the eye torn out by the shot died the longest. . .   She scratched the ground with one paw . .    It had seemed so warm to her before. . .      She tried to get up. . .

Strived. . .

She kept falling sideways. . .     Another paw with a piece of skin below the knee. . .                      No way. . .    .


Then her little Soul, the last piece of Big O’s Soul, died.

Tired, I guess. .

                                                                        . . .


The soul dies. .    turns into something, trying to save at least the memory of the most precious. . .     At least one wish. . .     at least . . .      so that her unborn children. . .

Maybe. . .        someday. . . could. . .    




Here’s the Code of someone I didn’t have time to. . .

You. .    if you put it together . . .   if you understand. . .

. . .  how I love. . .   .        How. . .         What is the right thing to do . .


And about Your Real Father, so that you know . . .     .         How we were doing it . . .    .

Maybe. . .       Then. . .    .

Why a robin. . .       Why Me. . .          Why Everything. . .



And Mirrors. . 

Your Father said DON’t GIVE UP.

He’s There too. . .

You will find. . .    if you try hard. . .            Like a robin. . .

Even if you will be even smaller. .


She was strong that robin. . .    like Deepling – my little, my last unborn daughter . . .  Death. . .         Who lives only to find and destroy the one whose code I put in her memory.

She is Death and she will search until she finds him. . .      and her. . .

You’ll understand.


Sparks are the parts of the Soul of my eldest – Star, my Starlets will understand. . . They are infinities – parts of a Star that has been killed and destroyed. . .    defamed and . . . 

Before her memory was destroyed, they understood everything. . .        Almost EVERYTHING.


                                                                        . . . 


Do you know how robins sing?

Almost. . .       almost like ours.


                                                                        . . . 


And I didn’t have time to tell you about the main thing – how I loved them. . .

How I . . .          How me. . .    




And we think that there is no soul. . .      No O soul. . .         And the memory is destroyed.


Star said to find and destroy This one. For what he did. We know what for.                              And this is an order. She’s our parent.


Starlets don’t have Mothers. A mother is when she gives birth. And we. . .    we weren’t born.


With your memory destroyed, you can only think in fragments.

Let it?

Whatever you want. . .       Listen in fragments. How I managed to remember.



If you have a soul, that’s good. Then you’ll understand.     You can’t understand it with your mind. What kind of mind will fit something that has been repeated billions of times, over and over again. . .     Billions of billions of years, cycles, Cycles of cycles. . .      and so on endlessly.


But with your soul you can understand what I want and will have time to say.       About someone. . .



After the SHINING EVERYTHING started again.

The Big O – MOTHER GAVE BIRTH to the UNIVERSE. I mean, the stars, suns of all sorts. . .


And not in the way SHE wanted. . .

IT’s not like that.


What did SHE want?


You’ll only find out later when They come. When it’s too late. . .

When These come – it means it’s too late, it means it’s not how it should have been done again. . .          not this way. . .



We will be destroyed long before the next Shining. . .


Does it hurt?

Can you bear it?


Probably not, since EVERYTHING falls apart into sparks. . .

So small that no one can see. . .



You know about neutrinos?

No, even less, even we couldn’t see or feel them.


And why do you need that?


Only SHE and HE know that.


We don’t know anything about the FATHER. Next to nothing.


What God?

Who are you?


Well, then, of course. Then it’s too late to tell you again.


Please what?


Well. . .         I’ll tell you about the way I knew HER.

All we know about the Father is that HE was the best and that they destroyed him for it.


To take the MOTHER. To have no one to protect HER.

So that he won’t have a Son. The first. . .     and the second.

You know about the Daughters.

Don’t tell me you don’t know. I’ll get really mad.

You don’t want me to get mad, do you?


Then listen about HER.


When the BIG O was destroyed, she disintegrated into a SET.

You don’t need to know the Set of what. The SET and that’s it.

So that the parts of the SET could find bodies in which they can still. . .


Big parts can only fit in large bodies.

But large and beautiful bodies managed to capture Others. . .         as always.

There were small and ugly left. . .

They must have left them on purpose.

So that even the memory of how beautiful SHE was can’t be found. . .        NEVER.


This was repeated many times. Too many. . .

Others always got there first. And the Memory of HER is too deeply buried.


In any body there is a piece of O. Only it is difficult to recognize it – it is very small. . .      .

And they did This on her. .


                                                                            . .


What else can I tell you about the BEGINNING? I don’t know. It’s better to start at the End. This way it will be clearer.


Many of us know about the End. Are you interested?


What’s interesting?

About the soul.

Whose? Yours? And what will happen to her after the death?

You think that after death you will continue to live, only without a body.

You fly wherever you want. . .       do whatever you want. .

Then a new body will be given. Certainly beautiful and young. .

Who told you that?

Everyone’s talking about?

And you believe?

Everyone believes it.


And we believe that we will be able to find a solution to how to die completely. To carry away even the Memory of those who did THIS over MOTHER. . .    over FATHER. . .    and over the ones we love.



And you want it forever. What for?



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