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About the Pain





I don’t know how to explain that death from pain is a gift.

A gift when the body ceases to live and thoughts die. Thoughts that create.



So, if you can understand how I felt standing with my belly ripped open over my daughter. . . still in the womb and lying between my legs in a pool of blood and shit coming out of my guts. . .      when it’s not the pain of the body that’s the worst, but the realization that this is really happening. . .                 that I’m standing there not knowing what to think with my last thought and I can’t mentally say anything to my mother.

She’s chained up in front of me. . .       with her eyelids cut off so that she could look at her daughter and not be able to close her eyes. To feel all the pain that is rushing between her, her unborn granddaughter, and me.




If you can imagine, you will realize that death from the pain of the body is a wonderful gift that Death gives to you- earthlings. . .           after all, she must enter into you. . .       so that you die faster. . .                die without knowing what will happen to your soul in a moment. She. . .               she is infinitely good this Death. . .






I don’t know what else to say.            Me?     I am Leto.


Why was I executed?            Well, this is a ritual. On holiday. Holiday of These.


This is the beginning of autumn for you. You consider this time the end of SUMMER.



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