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About The Daughter




If you don’t want children from him, then the boy will not be born. . .               must not, . . .      to prevent his genus from continuing. That’s what the Father said.

Then the girl should be like her mother. That’s not what the Father said. . .            that’s what we thought.


So I thought let her be just mine. . .             my daughter.





He gave my daughter to another woman.     The one he wanted

Well, to serve him in any way.

She injured herself          She deliberately disfigured her entire body. So that he doesn’t start to 

Then he ordered his guards to do whatever they wanted with her.


They did their best. .



She became known as Leto, it means spoiled    it means a bitch. . .



So he gave my daughter to her.  So her too. . .

Heva is a nickname for her. So she will be for everyone. . .              shared. . .          the lowest whore. . .                 they can do all sorts of things to her. . .                   to mock her, maim her, injure her in all sorts of ways. 




It is his daughter                I gave birth to her, but I don’t want to think of her as my own. . .

I hate him and I want his daughter to

You know what I wanted. . .






He gave me that woman’s daughter. . .           the bitch’s                      For me to raise her.

To feed her my milk. To




And I hated myself for that thought.

The thought that I want this girl to die, that my milk is poison to her, that





I thought I could do this. I couldn’t.

That’s how this girl grew up. They began to call her Shining. So that I hate her for having a name that’s not Legal.


By Law, only my daughter could be called this way Shining is the daughter of Glow.

I am Glow. . .              It means the first wife of This one. You know who. . .

He is considered an Emperor. . .             The stinky freak. . .               crud. . .



I can’t think of him without a shudder of disgust         the fat heap spread out on the couch



He never thinks like a human. . .               his thoughts are only of food and women. 

He has got many of them – wives, concubines. . .

He is fed by putting food in his mouth. . .       he can’t do it himself. . .          – what sticks out of the body cannot be called hands. . .           some outgrowths. . . 







It’s probably easy to kill him. . .            but everyone’s afraid

They are afraid that he will open his eye in the place where the forehead should be, and they will stop living from this look.

Then they, not alive and not yet quite dead, he will also devour – those who are alive will try to feed them to him quickly. . .                   I saw it.




He doesn’t order anything, the servants do everything themselves.     The Law orders . . .   to everyone. . .   and women from the circle, too. He fucks them too, the most beautiful ones. . .        He does not show them to This. .            He showed me after I gave birth from him. . .     from the Law. So that now This will

I had already raised the girl and was ready for the service to This. .




The first time I saw this pile of fat, the idea of poking out his third eye and robbing him of his power seemed easy to do. Hide the sharpened bone in your hair and as soon as




He heard the thought. . .       I didn’t even get the bone of my hair. . .

My body went into spasms and I couldn’t move. I saw it, I knew what would happen next, but I couldn’t even move.




The eye closed. The Law came in and ordered

He was hiding and waiting. . .               so he also heard my thoughts and wanted me to

I didn’t realize it then





You know how they put me face down in a stone box with meat-eating worms.


I won’t tell more.







Why did He order  to change the girls?


Don’t you know anything about magic?



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