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About Love 




You’re asking about Love. Do we love? How?



Without our Love, there would be no you. Nothing and no One… .




Because when you love, you give EVERYTHING.


Just Him. It covers your EVERYTHING and gives you a RAY.

The Ray penetrates into your EVERYTHING and then a little body o is born.


If you don’t want to give EVERYTHING, the Ray won’t enter completely. And die… .


When there is no Ray, spoilage is born. Spoilage is when a child is not whole and the Big O can’t enter in…    can’t raise him and tell about…

The body of such a child cannot give life to Big O…    and Big O dies in her another child… .

She’s been dying for a long time. O is The Universe Of Universes. Big O.




I’m a bitch. This is a swearword for you. You know what it means. Those who don’t give EVERYTHING. 

And gives birth only to spoilage… .

Do you think differently?

It doesn’t matter. I tell you what I think.


We have BITCHES – this is class. The lowest… people-animals. There is only Dirt below.                   But Dirt is not even a class. Just dirt and that’s it… for work.


Bitches are from the genus ?. Beta is the Second Genus. It was created for Love. That’s how we thought. . .  BACK THEN. . .    

Luna was from Genus of Beta as well. And Death is from BETA… .      And others… .    A lot of. .


You don’t know any of this?

And you don’t know who ZEON is?

What do you know, then? The whole Universe knows about ZEON.

Are you from another Universe? Or what?


Are you an earthling?

You should have said so right away.

You don’t know anything at all.

You know anothers. .

We think it doesn’t exist at all. . .       this anothers.



Well, listen again then.

Bitch is a class. Do you understand what a class is?

I’m a Bitch. . .     Because I was born by a bitch. I’m a BITCH by birth.


When I was old enough to get my own food…               We catch worms to eat…

Do you know?



When I started catching worms myself…



It was quite dark when I came out of our OVIN – the place where my mother Bitch lives. .

She lay on our cot and was silent… .  She hasn’t spoken for a long time since I started going outside.

I can’t hear her thoughts…    hiding them from me. What for? . . .  I already know that she must soon go there… beyond the outskirts… and stay there… .      I know that those who live around are waiting… . They will eat her already dead – at first they kill by look…


She looks at me and keeps silence. I feel she entered my head and create a PLACE there.

What for – You don’t need to think. Just a place and that’s it.




I’ve been trying to find the worm for a long time. They hide…      they hear when they’re being searched. . .     .


. . .     didn’t hear it on time, didn’t manage to hide back… .

This one saw me. . .      It dawned…


Have been caught. . .      Three of them … .

Someone I didn’t see was there. Hides.

They just beat me up pretty bad right away, but didn’t rape. According to the Law, This one rapes first.

They dragged me into the House by the hair.


Let’s not talk about it… .


When I was able to crawl – I couldn’t get back on my feet yet – I was beaten again and ordered to clean up the shit. . I was crawling and cleaning… .

They shit wherever they want. They do it on purpose for us to clean up. They are higher. .

Of Genus of This… .

They’re shitting again. .      They want to prove that they are above us, Beta. .


It grows over quickly on the body. We Are Beta. .


I didn’t want to clean the dirt from my body – they only beat dirty ones when they’re bored – they won’t want to rape me… .

I was beaten pretty bad again, and others were forced to clean me up. Clean with the Dirt’s blood.

There’s not enough water… even the dirtiest … after These…  . Just for a drink.



You have plenty of water. Can you drink as much as you want?

Lucky you. ..




Then the First of This Genus raped… then the Second… then the Third, then all the others of These. ..




When BETA doesn’t want a child, it won’t be born. We kill the souls of future O and pregnancy doesn’t happen. .


Last time I was raped by a lot of These…     old and scary…

I lose consciousness. . Didn’t have time to kill their semen. . Got pregnant. .

Killed the little one’s body.  … when I regained consciousness… I remembered.

Three days have passed – it is bad to kill now. .

The spoilage will always be here now. We see it. Don’t you?


You earthlings don’t see the Spoilage at all? . . .       Don’t you even see the Curse?

The Dirt can’t see either. We know they feel – we hear their thoughts.

Do you feel that something is wrong sometimes as well? .



The spoilage soon became visible to everyone and I was chased out of the House. A Bitch, the Daughter of a Bitch….



I found my mother’s house empty. .     She’s long gone… I told you where.

On her own. . We always leave on our own. It’s better to leave and find a CAPTURE yourself. He looks at you and you start to die… .  It doesn’t hurt, my mother said. All Bitches do that. BETA.


… Then, when you stop feeling it at all, It creeps in and takes you inside – that’s what my mother used to say… .

It eats for a long time. .   You’re in it. . Forever. .    It’s better this way… . He’s not evil… .  Just eats and that’s it…


If a Bitch who gave birth doesn’t leave the Circle by herself, These will still destroy her.       The Law says this is the way to do it.

They destroy in different ways… .    Having fun together… .  They poke out the eyes, rip the hair off with the skin, tear the bodies apart… take out parts… and laugh at what they’ve taken out… and what’s left. Then they break the skull and open the brain…



You don’t need to know further.



He, who writes it down, said that in Your books you can’t write Everything that These did… .

Only a little…   To make it not so clear.   That’s the Law. Yours…




Why do you keep asking who are These, who are These …

Don’t you have any? They are everywhere… . The same everywhere… .

Can’t you tell them apart?

After That you can… . We can see right away. . Even Dirt can distinguish…     by the smell..



Well. We can’t say what These did to us. .

And what Your people did to You is also prohibited? This is the Law. .   You don’t even know about yourself?

Then why do you need to know about us?


Well. ..



My mother’s house is empty and now I will live in it. . I will look for worms at night and hide during the day… . Then they won’t be able to catch and rape me for a long time. .


I have told that the BETAS were made for Love. We are beautiful… . Even when we are beaten up completely. . 

We want to love. Not These. .  Not the same… .


There are also others, those who will not beat and mock us after they take us…                   They must to be… We think so. . Beta. .



A lot of Them came. I let them take me… .   Anyhow…     as they wanted…     They beat me after anyway. .

I killed their semen. Always. The Spoilage and The Curse on me are searching for DEATH. . That’s right. .   That’s the Law. .


I’m a Bitch and I have to give birth to a daughter so that she can become a Bitch.  That’s the Law. The Law does not allow you to go outside the outskirts to seek Capture before you give birth to a daughter for These.


That night I tried to warm up and doze off somehow, it was very cold if naked. Bitches can’t wear clothes… the lower class. .    Bitches. .



He came late at night, when These are asleep and others of These are hard to hear thoughts.  I recognized him at once, though I had never seen him before. He’s not like …

You can’t feed Bitches. That’s the Law. They  must look for worms yourself. At night…  Bitchs… .

Those who break the Law are destroyed. No one violates, HE violated. He brought a big Worm… .     To me…       He didn’t eat it. .          He looked at me as I ate…     and smiled. 

His mouth is torn and his teeth are knocked out, but He is still very handsome. . And I like the way He smiles with his torn mouth.

… The Worm is big – it’s hard to catch – it bites hard. One hand, the other is broken, – how could he?    For Me!…

He didn’t speak… . He watched me eat and smiled. .



I’ve never been so full…

When I finished, He somehow smiled wrong and got up from our trestle-bed to leave…                   I hugged Him myself…

He closed his eye…


A beautiful eye…   So much…   Grey… with four rims.

As … .

You don’t know about Z…?


Fair enough…


The other eye was torn out. But HE’s still the most handsome man I’ve ever seen…




He closed his eye, but I still saw the tear that flowed out…    He started to cry with one eye and wanted to turn away so that I wouldn’t see…   I didn’t let him turn away…    I kissed him myself…

We never kiss…    Him I wanted to kiss.

He began to cry with his face, silently, with his thoughts only…

I don’t need to say anything. I know that.

The male was torn out, but not quite. Purposely. To desire but not be able to…


I know how… .      I don’t know where from, but I know what to do.

When the Big O tells you, you just know what to do. . .      Out of nowhere. .


I’ll have a baby. It will be a boy. I KNOW.

The One that Rises. . My Ray. .


HE didn’t have time to leave. I guess I was thinking too loud.

We were captured together…




You can’t write in Your books what was done to us. This Is Your Law.

Not writing the whole truth is even worse than lying.



But I did. .       His Ray penetrated into my EVERYTHING. I gave EVERYTHING. Big O took it.        I KNOW.


My Ray will not be born this time. But he found o, my o, and The O Kind still remains. . .



You don’t need to know.




But You asked me to tell you how we Love…


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