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About Diseases



I want to say about diseases.     Yours.         Which we make to you           to make you die.

I thought that anyone who eats when we’re starving should die.                 The fat thing                it is the one who rules in our world. .



It was my last thought           my Record            my last wish            the last thing I wanted to say to the SOURCE        if I could reach it. .


Do you know that These use our Records to make them weapons?


This Record of mine is also now being used by them. . .          to kill those who eat when others die of hunger.       To kill by our name


But I wanted the Ruler to die, but they made this Record something that paves the way for the death of those they want to destroy,        those who could do        to raise those who


Again, everything was distorted             and I              in my name These are killing not who I wanted.


I can’t stop it          I can only say that I did not want to kill you, I do not want you to die with the Record that I killed you        that you should be destroyed          that you’re guilty of something you didn’t do.


I do not know if you are guilty of anything      – These create many ways to blame those they want to destroy. .           All I know is that you are not to blame for the deaths of those who starve.


You know that the worst kind of death is to die with a Record of something that’s not your fault. 

Once paved the way for death from diseases,      the ones that I have come up with, you will hardly be able to change.                  But at least leave your Record on it            what you have done for those who deserve to be raised           from death.                 In your opinion.



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