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                                                              A Tale for You My Daughter



I don’t know how old you are now. . .     .

Maybe you are already old and your daughter is listening to you now. .


Who am I to you? . . . My name is Big O. .

It’s like grandma      just lived a long time ago.

How long ago?

Before the Shine. . 

You on Earth call it the Big Bang.

The last time it was almost 15 billion years ago.


The Shine comes when I decide to die. . .

so that when I die, I am taking These into the Abyss with me.


For you to be born. Then. . . from me. . . From my body. . that became the Shine.


Now I have a large body. . . it is also called the Universe. . . Grand Universe.

Everything in the world is born out of my body. . . Water and Earth. . .

Water is Your Life, and Earth. . .

And then there are the Stones. . .  different.

Diamonds are my former tears. . and black diamonds, too. Have you already cried black tears?

Tears are black. . . when there is no more Life. . nowhere. . . and you’re alone.


. . . and around are These and their Semen. . .


Who Are These? . .


They look different every time. . .

They can look different. .   learned it.

That’s why you don’t recognize them right away. . .  And then it’s too late. We always realized This late.



What kind of body do you have now?   Snakes again?    So it failed. . .     even a bird. . .    just for a little while. . . just for a minute. . . at least at the time of birth. . .    so He did not make it again. .


It doesn’t matter. .   Other things are matter. . .

I know you’re clever and you’ll understand. .


It’s not the first time you’ve been born. . .

Because it’s not the first time I’ve had this idea.

You have already lived. . .  for not so long. . . the best and brightest thoughts do not live           long. . .

Probably because These hear them.


They come to destroy that light that has appeared, . . .    that just started to live.

To take a Life. .    These don’t have a Life of their own. They live by devouring other’s.


You were murdered too. . .                      Don’t you remember?

You don’t need to remember that. It’s better to just know. . .     then you will be able. . .    




I’d rather tell you about us. . .   about our genus. .


You don’t have a brother?   No. . 

So he wasn’t born again.

They always kill him. Before the birth. . .  before the impregnation, usually. .    And he is not born.

. .   or born dead.   Like this one.

Do not cry. Don’t. . .  while the tears are still clear.

Like the best diamonds. . 

Think of him as a Nose. . .     Small Nose. Just a nose. . 

Maybe he will be born again. . Next time. .    After you and I die in the Shines.

. . .       And I will give birth to the Universe again. . A little one    .  Like you. .     Maybe then we can save him. In the meantime, only you were born. . .   You’ll grow up a little and have a baby. . .       Maybe our Nose will live in it. . .      at least a small part. . .    At least a Ray.


The Ray is so small that They might not notice it. Make him completely. . .

And he can be born and live. . .

We think it might work. . . we’ll all hide him. . .     .   And you’ll just raise and love him. . .  That’s enough. . . We’ll do the rest.  Our Genus. .

If only he. .


So that the Ray won’t be killed while it is in your body, it must be clean.

Did your mother tell you how to keep your body clean? No?


Are you an Eathling?

So you were born on Earth and this is your last life. Your last one. .

Earthlings don’t have next lives. .    Never did. . .    .    You’ve got that kind of body.

I don’t know if You’ll understand. . .           Earthlings barely understand what we are saying to them. .


I’ll tell you a Tale.   One.     About the Shining. . .     about how the Shining comes. . .

And about the one we call Z.


Don’t you know what I mean?

Then close your eyes. . .       You have both eyes, don’t you?     And listen.

You’re happy. . .    You have eyelids and you can close your eyes. . We can’t  . .

. . .    Just to close eyes. . .        Happy.


It will be a fairy tale. . almost a fairy tale. . .  like a Tale.


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